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All the information, news and analysis you need, in one place. Compliance Central is an
online knowledge and resource portal that provides a one-stop resource for timely, insightful news
and information specific to payment compliance.

Timely, relevant and always available. Audited, updating or creating new payment collections policies? Compliance Central delivers whitepapers, Webinars, templates and tools to support best practices related to payment collection from consumers.

Topics Include:

- Credit/debit cards

- ACH transactions

- On-site payments

- Phone payments

- Web payments

- Smartphones/text payments

 …and much more


- Timely, online payment compliance resources

- No-cost access for all BilllingTree clients

- Your one-stop access to all BillingTree Compliance Suite Products

Video Demo Overview:

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Compliance Suite components:

Compliance Coach Compliance Coach

Your on-demand, self-paced payment compliance training, assessment and reporting tool

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Complaint Tracking Complaint Tracking

Your automated complaint resolution management solution

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Compliance Central Compliance Central

Your 24/7 online resource for timely payment compliance news, information, analysis, tools and templates.

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Compliance Central: Your 24/7 online resource for timely payment compliance news, information, analysis, tools and templates.

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