8 Benefits to Choosing Payrazr Solutions

Choosing payment solutions is an important decision to help streamline your organization’s payment needs. Consider asking a few questions to make sure whatever partner you choose will be a good fit. Take note of the company’s reputation and ongoing customer service commitments. What are the fees or one-time set-up costs? And finally, get an idea of the time it will take to get everything set up.

Once you’ve narrowed down your business needs, consider BillingTree’s Payrazr Suite of payment solutions to assist your organization with payment services. Need more convincing? Here are eight benefits to choosing Payrazr as your payment solutions provider. 


Whether your business is in the accounts receivable management space, collections or payment processing, BillingTree Payrazr Gateways offer flexibility, integrations and reporting, giving you the most up-to-date technology to succeed in today’s economy. 

Virtual terminals

As an alternative to physical card terminal or Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, a virtual terminal allows a customer to enter their card information directly into a web-based payment form which initiates the electronic transaction. These software applications are hosted online and can be accessed from any web browser.

Payment portals

Payment portals allow businesses the option to securely accept credit, debit, eCheck, ACH payments, and can store invoices, manage customer accounts and view payment history. 

Debt negotiation

Consumers can work with businesses to submit payments, make promises or enroll in payment plans in a fully PCI-compliant data environment that gives them 24/7 access. This option has shown to be successful when negotiating on low-balance, early-out or hard-to-reach consumers. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive voice response gives consumers the ability to interact with an automated telephone-payment system to make ACH, debit and credit card payments 24/7. 

Online billing

Payrazr online billing provides customers with electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). These online billing solutions work to deliver improved customer service, a decrease in operational costs and faster payments. 

Mobile payment

Today, consumers rely on mobile marketing more than ever and organizations need to include that as part of their digital marketing plan. 

Document management/Esign

Compliance is an important issue in today’s marketplace. The document management with e-signature gives you a cost-effective way to capture signatures, manage documents and remain compliant.

For more information, or to see how BillingTree’s Payrazr Suite can help your organization, contact us today.