Accounts Receivables Management Services for Your Agency

A key function of any collection agency is accounts receivable collections and being able to facilitate the speed and ease with which overdue payments can be collected while remaining compliant with the current regulations. This is essential in order to make sure that revenue continues to come in as required. Keeping the money coming in at a regular rate is vital, and high-quality accounts receivables management services are the answer to ensuring that processes are as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Choosing A Reliable Provider of Processing Services

Choosing a reliable payment processing system is an efficient way to automate the process of searching for and finding outstanding amounts, allowing for simpler collections of accounts receivables. By automating routine collections and offering convenient online payment options to allow for a greater range of methods by which bills can be paid, collections agencies can be confident that they will be able to collect more debt with a lower outlay.

BillingTree offers payment processing systems that are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of collection agencies. By combining cutting-edge technology for processing payments with many years of high-quality customer service experience, we offer clients the most advanced payment solutions to help agencies to be successful in such a competitive marketplace.

Flexibility as Standard

BillingTree’s ARM services provide consumers with numerous simple and convenient payment options to make the chances of receiving payments on time considerably higher. By allowing payments to be made via multiple methods, including popular credit and debit cards, agencies will eradicate the problems of lost and delayed checks, as well as the security and theft issues that come with payments being sent through the mail.

By offering automated online or telephone systems, which are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, consumers can make payment at any time that is convenient for them and from any location using either a PC, phone or Internet-enabled mobile device.

Automation for a Streamlined Approach

Thanks to BillingTree’s convenient automated system, routine collections processes can be taken out of the hands of skilled staff members, allowing them to get on with more important and valuable tasks. Through the elimination of onerous manual processes, your agency can increase its bottom line. And, by focusing on other elements of agency work, revenue can be exponentially increased through dual channels. By saving employee time at the same time as facilitating more convenient and available payment methods, agencies can save money while receiving more monies owed on time. As an added benefit, since BillingTree works with reliable a high-quality network of banks, we can offer extremely competitive pricing for an extremely cost-effective solution.

The Importance of Compliance

BillingTree has a clear understanding of the varying regulatory and compliance obligations that customers must meet. However, the in-house compliance group has devised a governance, risk management and security framework of procedures, standards, and policies drawing on a number of areas, and our accreditations and reports include HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI, so there is no risk of running afoul of legislation.

Full Integration

BillingTree’s solutions not only offer the perfect combination of usability and high performance but also offer the possibility of adaptation for future enhancement. These guarantee that your agency’s systems are future-proof and will stand the test of time. Thanks to our in-house integration team, APIs can be seamlessly deployed into your pre-existing systems for a completely integrated solution that works perfectly with your current set up.

The Reliable Choice

When choosing a payment processing company to handle your agency’s accounts receivables management, you need to have complete confidence in its trustworthiness and reliability. BillingTree’s long experience and excellent reputation in the industry stands us in good stead. And, because our services have been deployed successfully thousands of times and have a proven performance, you can rest assured that your collections are in very safe hands. Because all the software is fully QA and functionality tested, you can be guaranteed an innovative and dynamic experience.

Centralized Reporting

As an added advantage, when choosing BillingTree’s accounts receivables management solutions, your agency can benefit from a completely centralized reporting system for a less hands-on approach. With real-time payment authorizations, it is also possible to see straight away when amounts have been paid. By cutting down on the amount of time spent on dealing with the paperwork side of collections, BillingTree’s solutions represent the most convenient option.

When it comes to dealing with the complex matter of handling collections of accounts past due, it can be difficult to streamline a system that works on all fronts to save time, money, and effort. However, BillingTree’s accounts receivables management services are the ideal choice, offering an innovative best-in-class payment processing solution that takes all the hard work out of collections while hugely increasing revenue and improving cost-effectiveness.