An Effective Healthcare Merchant Services Solution

Healthcare is an ever-growing sector, and providing cutting-edge healthcare merchant services is essential to stay ahead of the game in this complex market. Healthcare providers are finding that changes to copays, increased deductibles, and reduced coverage from insurers have left several patients struggling to make their post-care payments for their portion of their treatment costs. Dealing with this issue has led to a lot of financial difficulties for healthcare providers. They are finding that cash flow is becoming more limited as time goes on. Putting in place state-of-the-art healthcare merchant services will help to maximize revenue and make life easier for patients who are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their post-care payment responsibilities.

BillingTree’s Healthcare Collections Solution

Evidence has shown that patients are much more likely to meet their payment responsibilities when they have a few options available through which they can make payment. By offering a wide variety of popular payment methods, including the ability to accept credit and debit card payments, FSA/HSA payments, and ACH payments, BillingTree’s healthcare collections solution ensures that patients have the flexibility that they need to opt for the method that best suits their requirements. As an added benefit, BillingTree’s solutions also allow patients to make their payments at a time and place that suits their personal schedule. Because access to the payment portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no need to worry about finding time to go to the post office or write out a check. This is especially convenient for patients who may have limited mobility because of their treatment. BillingTree’s solutions allow patients to use an online solution, or, alternatively, to use the interactive voice response system for added convenience.

Full Compliance

Compliance is a vital issue for today’s healthcare service providers, so it is essential to make sure all payment systems meet with HIPAA, PCI, and SSAE-16 certifications. When opting for BillingTree’s solutions, healthcare providers can be confident that they are meeting their obligations regarding compliance.

Increasing Regularity of Payments

One of the primary issues healthcare providers are now facing is the increasing portion of healthcare costs that patients are now having to pay. With employers often reducing the amount of medical coverage extended to employees, and the trend to higher deductibles, many patients are now facing a higher proportion of their treatment costs. This has caused a lot of issues for healthcare providers. They are finding that patients are simply unable to afford to pay the entire amount up front. Moving to a healthcare merchant services solution that meets the changing needs of a modern medical practice is the best way forward to guarantee that healthcare providers are more likely to recoup the amounts that they are owed. By putting in place the possibility of patients being able to set up a long-term payment plan for large outstanding debts, practices are more able to see regular income coming to guarantee the consistent cash flow that is so essential.

An Integrated Solution

Healthcare providers want their branding to be extended throughout their operation, and BillingTree’s healthcare merchant services solutions can deliver on that front. By offering medical practices the opportunity to seamlessly integrate their existing software and their logo and branding into their payment portals, practices can maintain a professional and fully integrated approach to patient payment collections.

Competitive Pricing for Practices

Keeping costs down couldn’t be more important these days for healthcare providers. Fortunately, this can be achieved with BillingTree’s healthcare merchant services solutions. Thanks to BillingTree’s partnership with a network of established banks, it is possible to ensure the most competitive rates, which are based on transaction volume, to lower the cost of processing payments. When compared with the cost of processing check payments, it is possible for healthcare providers to make a considerable saving, which will also help to improve revenue in these challenging financial times.

A Tried-and-Tested Solution

BillingTree’s healthcare collections solutions have been tried and tested in the healthcare industry and have been successfully deployed thousands of times. Healthcare providers can be confident that they are choosing a billing solution that is effective, reliable, and cost-effective for a fully comprehensive payment solution that will take any medical practice to the next level of efficiency.

Ease and Convenience

With medical practices demanding greater convenience and ease when it comes to handling healthcare merchant services, BillingTree is on hand to streamline processes, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – delivering healthcare services – without having to spend excessive time and effort on collecting patient payments that remain outstanding. As an added benefit, the available healthcare merchant services solutions can help to smooth patient-provider relationships for a more positive experience all around. We Do Payments so that…You Can Do Healthcare!