An Efficient and Effective Landlord Rent Collection Service

Ask any landlord why he or she decided to invest in property and you can guarantee that his or her answer will certainly not be to spend time looking for overdue payments. In fact, collecting rent is one of the least enviable aspects of a landlord’s job, especially when the tenant is unwilling to make a payment in a timely manner. An efficient third-party landlord rent collection service is the ideal solution. The service helps to reduce the burden on overworked, over-pressured landlords and property managers and helps to smooth the relationship with tenants along the way.

The Convenience of Self-Service

In today’s world, residents are used to carrying out all kinds of transactions remotely. The Internet has become the go-to method for all kinds of activities, from shopping and banking to paying utility bills. In this contemporary scenario, it makes sense to facilitate rent payments through an online portal, too.

Rather than relying on the outdated options of cash or checks in the mail, innovative landlords can now rely on a highly convenient and easy-to-access online payment portal that offers tenants a broad spectrum of payment options to suit their preferences and needs.

A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

BillingTree offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and payment services tailored to meet the specific needs of landlords. Delivering a self-service system that residents can use to make their monthly payments, BillingTree’s complete platform of integrated payment methods make the chances of receiving payments on time and in full much more likely.

By offering a portal that can be accessed through a standard desktop PC or any mobile Internet-enabled device, BillingTree harnesses the latest technology to give consumers what they want. Today’s consumers prefer to make credit and debit card payments conveniently at a time and place of their choosing, and BillingTree’s payment portal solution makes that possible.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the portal can be accessed via the Internet or via IVR (interactive voice response). It allows residents to use their preferred payment option at any hour of the night or day to fit around their busy schedule. Tenants no longer have to go to a post office to mail the check or attend a property management company’s office to pay in cash. Therefore, rent is much more likely to be received in a timely manner without any of the problems associated with these old-fashioned forms of payment, such as theft or loss.

Compliant and Future Proof

BillingTree is aware of the need to comply with state and federal regulations and laws. So, for your peace of mind, you can be guaranteed that our solutions are all PCI-DSS, and SSAE-16 certified, so you won’t be operating outside the law. Thanks to our advanced dynamic code base, there is also the possibility of adapting the software to any future enhancements, so you can be confident of a long-lasting solution.

A Smoother Relationship

The landlord-tenant relationship can be fraught with tension. Missed payments can lead to problems, while tenants can feel frustrated about a lack of convenient ways in which to make payment. By adopting a third-party landlord rent collection service, property managers can help to improve those difficult relationships and help to foster a more positive and cooperative environment.

Reduced Paperwork

Paperwork can be another negative side of being a landlord. Keeping track of payments, filing records, and sending out rent reminders are just some of the unenviable elements of the job. BillingTree’s payment processing solutions for landlords can eliminate the hard work, leaving property managers free to focus on more valuable and important tasks. With a centralized reporting system and real-time payment authorizations, it’s possible to reduce the landlord’s workload exponentially.


Saving You Money

Not only do BillingTree’s dynamic and innovative payment portals allow you to receive more payments on time but they also help to save you money. In addition to freeing you up to concentrate on your other financial ventures, thus enabling you to maximize your revenue, BillingTree also works in conjunction with a network of long-established and highly reliable banks in order to be able to offer you a great value for money and competitive processing prices. This will save you considerable sums over processing regular check payments from tenants.

A Solution to Suit Your Requirements

Whether you only want to improve a single part of your operation or you need an entire overhaul of your landlord rent collection service, you can depend on BillingTree to supply you with the right solution to meet your individualized requirements and increase your received payments. You can depend on BillingTree’s years of experience in the industry and impressive customer service to offer you the high performance and cost-effectiveness that you need for your property management business to thrive and grow.