audits conducted by MegaplanIT, LLC and validated on June 26, 2016

Phoenix, Ariz. – July 7, 2016 BillingTree® announced today it has successfully completed 2016 audits for PCI-DSS 3.1, HIPAA/ePHI and SSAE 16. The certification of validation was issued June 26, 2016 by an authorized Third Party Assessor and a Qualified Security Company (QSC), certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

BillingTree undergoes these efforts to ensure the organization securely aligns its policies, procedures, and technical systems in an effort to secure PCI, ePHI, sensitive, and financial data.

The annual assessment process requires detailed evaluation of key areas of the business including but not limited to:  Policies and Procedures; Network Data Flow with Narrative; Documented System and Network Inventory; Physical/Environmental Security, both corporate and data center; Internal & External Vulnerability Assessment; Internal & External Penetration Testing; Encryption; System & Network Hardening Standards; Patch Management; Access Control; Data Storage; Wireless Network Analysis; Testing of Deployed Security Measures; and Monitoring/Response Assessment.

“In an environment that continues to focus on regulation, the connection between clients and their trusted technology providers is crucial,” said Edgars Sturans, CEO and President at BillingTree. “With these critical three audits completed for 2016, customers have validation that BillingTree’s processes and procedures operate at or above the latest industry standards.”

“Adhering to industry standards yet again validates BillingTree’s security posture is in line with information security’s best practices,” said Anthony Petruso, MegaplanIT’s Director of Compliance Services.  “These standards also encourage behaviours such as regular vulnerability scanning, application security reviews, penetration testing, and following best practices of cryptography standards, which will bolster resilience against cyber security threats generally.”

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