BillingTree Launches the Sixth Annual Collection Operations & Technology Survey

January 2018 saw the launch of BillingTree’s sixth consecutive 2018 Collection Agency Operations & Technology Survey. This comprehensive industry survey has proven to be extremely influential over the last five years in foretelling trends to come in payment technology adoption and compliance challenges to pay attention to for all businesses working within the collections space. It has also provided a benchmark for the utilization and adoption of the latest mobile technology across an ever-expanding list of sectors and industries, including healthcare, property management, financial services, and accounts receivable collections. Here’s the link to provide your own valuable feedback for the 2018 ARM Survey that’s currently underway.

ARM Collections Industry the Initial Focus of The Series

BillingTree is a well-known leader in the payment technology provision industry, and its sixth annual survey series exploring Operations and Technology will begin with the Accounts Receivable Collections (ARM) industry. This year’s Collection Agency Operations & Technology Survey is set to examine current trends in the market and the possibilities for the future. It will also look at the challenges and opportunities that are being presented to the ARM collections industry to provide the key decision-makers within the sector with a more current benchmark on the use of modern technology and the adoption of best practices across the industry.

Five Years of Results Offer Valuable Insights

Taken across more than a hundred organizations of various sizes, the ARM report has been vital over the previous five years in offering collection agencies a better understanding of the current compliance, technology, and economic challenges they face. It has historically also offered a clearer idea of the rate of future technology adoption and the type of opportunities that are becoming available to the ARM collections industry.

Survey Results to Be Published in Spring 2018

As of Jan. 23, 2018, the survey is open for collections agencies to complete, and the results are set to be published in the spring. Participants in the survey who complete BillingTree’s questionnaire will receive a free copy of the report before it is released to the general public. And, as an added bonus, they will be given access to the last five years of insights into the ARM industry. BillingTree’s Vice President of Marketing, Dave Yohe, believes that the company’s survey series enables BillingTree to share more than a half-decade of knowledge about the industry and allow hundreds of companies participating in the survey to share their perspectives across the industry’s key verticals. During the last five years that the ARM survey has been running, a number of significant variations have been benchmarked in terms of compliance concerns and planned adoption of technology, among other things.