Could Customer Service Be The Key to Increased Collections?

When it comes to the collection of account receivables, recent research has shown that customer service has a more integral role to play in payment collections than previously believed. This may come as a surprise to many organizations, as the collection space hasn’t necessarily been seen as synonymous with customer service in its history, but […]

A Guide to Advertising Your Credit Union’s Online and Mobile Presence

Marketing is key to the success of any credit union. These days, consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to financial service providers. That’s why successful advertising is so important. By helping consumers to recognize the benefits of choosing your organization, you can encourage them to register for your services. However, marketing […]

Four Ways to Face Today’s Healthcare Collection Challenges

For many practices, healthcare collection is proving to be a major challenge. Medical claim reimbursements are more difficult to obtain than ever before. The top challenge, according to 83% of small practice physicians, is that patients with high-deductible plans are slow to pay. The second most common challenge is practice employees are struggling to communicate […]

Making the Case for Updating Your Practice’s Healthcare Payment Solutions

The healthcare industry is worth trillions of dollars. Yet, healthcare payment solutions are often still antiquated. For this reason, the healthcare sector wastes more than $700 billion annually. The industry spends almost $200 billion of that total on excessive administration. Despite the recent technological advances, the healthcare payment sector is stuck in the past. However, […]

The Latest Worrying Statistics About Medical Accounts Receivable Collections

The cost of healthcare is increasing in the United States today. Insurance benefits have been decreasing steadily over the last few years. It’s no wonder that medical debts are rising for American families. Recent statistics regarding medical accounts receivable collections have been depressing reading.  No matter whether you’re a patient or healthcare provider, medical debts […]

Reducing the Healthcare Administrative Burden – Can Medical Payment Processing Solutions Help?

A recent paper from the ACP estimated, every year, excessive administration is costing more than $40,00 per FTE physician. That’s a significant amount of money that practices could benefit from saving. The figures are exceptionally worrying. Evidence shows practice staff members are spending around six-and-a-half hours weekly on handling EHR documentation. They are also spending […]