Top 7 Customer Loyalty Strategies

Inspiring customer loyalty should be your top priority as a business owner. Not only does it create a dynamic that sets you up for building a better reputation, but retaining an existing customer is both easier and more profitable than acquiring a new one, anyway. Research shows that inspiring a loyal customer base is the […]

Use Payment Data to Understand Your Customers

Businesses have always used payment data to make informed decisions. That’s nothing new. But what about using payment data to understand the inner workings of your core customers? By learning more about the habits of your customers through custom reporting, you can start to build better relationships, growing your business and brand in the process. […]

How ACH Transfers Work

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers are the electronic transfer of money between banks. Essentially, your money is pulled from an account or sent to be “pushed” another online. From the online bill payments you make to the direct deposits you receive, you’re probably familiar with them already. ACH transfers are one of the main ways […]

Top 5 Benefits of IVR Payment Processing

IVR payment processing saves your business money and builds customer loyalty.  Convenience is king, and your customers need a way to handle their bills effortlessly. On the flip side, you want something secure, simple, and cuts administrative costs for your business.  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephone system that interacts with the callers, gathers the […]