Author: Chad Ashbaugh

Payrazr Hosted Payments Helps You Accept Payments Online Fast

Taking payments online is not as easy as you may think, especially if you want to connect your core system, web applications and mobile apps to the payment gateway. Thankfully, BillingTree® just launched Payrazr Hosted Payments, which makes connecting your existing user-facing assets to the Payrazr™ payment platform a breeze. Accept online payments with one click With Payrazr Hosted Payments, you can easily embed the Payrazr payments interface into your website, mobile app or your core s...  READ MORE ⟩

To EMV or Not to EMV…is it even a question?

In today’s world it is expected that healthcare providers can accept credit cards and that those transactions are secure for both the patients and the practices. During the past four years, card issuers began distributing what is known as ‘EMV chip cards’ that have embedded chips on the cards along with a unique pin number that is used to authenticate transactions against counterfeit cards and data breaches. These new and improved cards are viewed as welcome additions in combating card ...  READ MORE ⟩

Improved Patient Experience Increases Overall Healthcare Revenue Collection

The struggle with healthcare debt appears to be all too real for the Millennial generation when looking at overall healthcare revenue collection.  Many healthcare providers and practices have recently reported a continuing struggle when it comes to eliciting timely payments for all medical collection services, but for this particular article we will focus solely on Millennials. Who Are the Millennials? There are around 72 million Millennials in the United States today. Currently, they also ou...  READ MORE ⟩

Could Customer Service Be The Key to Increased Collections?

When it comes to the collection of account receivables, recent research has shown that customer service has a more integral role to play in payment collections than previously believed. This may come as a surprise to many organizations, as the collection space hasn't necessarily been seen as synonymous with customer service in its history, but the simple facts can't be ignored.  Evidence has shown that the breakdown of human interaction in modern business is causing many of today’s revenue di...  READ MORE ⟩

2019 Collection Agency Operations and Technology Survey Report

BillingTree has released our 6th annual Collection Agency Operations and Technology Survey Report.  This latest industry report is comprised of in-depth feedback from industry professionals & executives, and focuses on providing valuable insight into the current trends and concerns faced within the ARM industry. Download a copy - 2019 ARM Survey Report  ...  READ MORE ⟩

Telrock Integrates with BillingTree to Lower Costs and Increase Collections

Phoenix, Ariz. – July 12, 2019 Telrock, a global technology provider of SaaS based solutions for enterprise-wide collections, recovery and digital channel customer engagement, is now integrated with Payrazr, the leading payment technology platform from BillingTree. Payrazr is now integrated with two Telrock products: Optimus, an enterprise-class integrated collections and recovery platform with digital channel engagement capabilities, and SmartCollect, an intelligent self-serve collections por...  READ MORE ⟩

Seven Trends in the Auto Finance Payment Processing Sector

The auto finance payment processing sector is changing rapidly. Customers have a different way of viewing their loans these days, and they have different ways of paying. The payment and billing experiences are now at the heart of customer satisfaction when it comes to loan servicing. Therefore, focusing on this experience is the key to ensuring maximum payment from customers. Evidence shows it’s possible to improve customer satisfaction by as much as 50 percent simply by enhancing the payme...  READ MORE ⟩

A Guide to Advertising Your Credit Union’s Online and Mobile Presence

Marketing is key to the success of any credit union. These days, consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to financial service providers. That’s why successful advertising is so important. By helping consumers to recognize the benefits of choosing your organization, you can encourage them to register for your services. However, marketing is something that many credit unions find challenging. While banks and large financial institutions find advertising their products second n...  READ MORE ⟩

What’s Really Important to Patients? High-Quality Healthcare Billing Solutions Come Out on Top

When it comes to patient experience, there’s one thing that always comes out on top in surveys. Almost 90 percent of respondents say having a clear billing process is most important to them. It makes sense, then, that failing to make sufficient investment in healthcare billing solutions could cause problems for practices. In today’s competitive medical marketplace, finding ways to keep patients happy is key. Patients who are unhappy with their experience will simply look elsewhere for a new ...  READ MORE ⟩