Does b2b e-billing reduce staffing needs?

Every year, according to the Aberdeen Group’s report, there are 10 billion transactions carried out between businesses in the United States. The B2B industry has expanded rapidly over the last few years and it’s expected this number of B2B transactions will increase significantly in the near future. It comes as a surprise, then, that more […]

Reducing cost to collect starts with a modern e-billing and payment infrastructure

One of the challenges that faces businesses these days is the cost of collecting on invoices. With more companies than ever before admitting to delaying their payments to suppliers, it is no wonder that experts believe that e-billing and payment infrastructure are the keys to reducing those costs and improving profitability and cash flow. What […]

Does e-billing reduce DSOs for business?

Most businesses, whatever their sector or size, find a large amount of their cash flow is significantly delayed by invoices that aren’t paid on time. The good news is there’s a convenient solution – electronic invoicing. By sending invoices online, businesses can shorten the amount of time it takes to submit their bills and receive […]

Practices Face Facts – Patients Won’t Pay Healthcare Bills Higher Than 5% Of Their Income

Recent research released by The Advisory Board Co. reveals some worrying statistics for healthcare practices. One fact in the study showed patients were highly unlikely to make payments on any healthcare bills that amounted to more than 5 percent of their household income. So, where does this leave medical practices, and what does it mean […]

Opening the Dialogue Around Healthcare Payments

With today’s healthcare landscape changing rapidly, following a shift toward greater patient responsibility, providers are having to rely more heavily on their patients to receive their revenue. However, unfortunately, there has been a lack of response within the healthcare payments industry, and patients have been left confused and frustrated with what they see as an […]