Can Cutting-Edge AI Improve Healthcare Payment Processing?

There are countless margins for error in healthcare payment processing. Sometimes, patients fail to properly understand their medical coverage. Sometimes, demographic details on the provider’s files are incorrect. However, almost three-quarters of providers are now reporting that it is taking more than a month to receive patient payments. So, what can a provider do to […]

Healthcare Payment Services Challenges for Your Private Practice

All private medical practices owe their success to the proper management of their revenue cycles. In order to receive prompt insurance reimbursement, they must submit their claims accurately and in a timely manner. However, these days, increasingly, practices have started to demand more money from their patients. Physicians in private practice are having to wait […]

Eight Healthcare Payment Systems Statistics That May Shock You

These days, there are more high-deductible health insurance plans than ever before. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize modern healthcare payment systems to ensure effective revenue cycle management. If your healthcare organization is struggling, these eight statistics could shock you into focusing your efforts onto patient payment collection. Out-of-Pocket Patient Expenses Have Gone Up By […]

Four Expert Health Payment Solution Tips to Boost Reimbursement

Accuracy and speed are two things that every medical practice strives for. However, healthcare reform these days makes achieving these goals more difficult than ever. The value-based compensation model is time-consuming. Meanwhile, billing regulations and rules are constantly fluctuating. When practices fall behind, the result is serious billing errors, reduced revenue, and dissatisfied patients. The […]