Which Key Technologies Should Your Independent Medical Practice Invest In?

The American healthcare environment is presenting a number of challenges to the independent medical practice. Luckily, there are some new technologies healthcare providers can harness to navigate these complexities while running a practice that’s profitable. When practices choose to implement those new technologies, they can thrive rather than just survive. These technologies can make a […]

Losing Revenue Doesn’t Need to Be the Norm for Any Financial Institution

It often feels counterintuitive for financial institutions to write off bad debts. After all, a loan portfolio is an asset toward any financial institution’s future revenue. Also, if a financial institution is unable to practice debt collection effectively, how can other businesses follow suit? So, why do financial institutions write off bad debt? How can […]

Etactics Integrates BillingTree Payment Gateway into its New Single Point of Access Customer Portal

Etactics new Customer Access + portal now powered by BillingTree Payrazr payment technology Combined statement presentment and secure payment technology gives Etactics customers full control over bill management and settlement Phoenix, Ariz. – February 27, 2019 – BillingTree®, the payment problem solvers™, today announced a partnership with Etactics to integrate Billingtree Payrazr® payment technology into […]

The Latest Techniques and Trends in Healthcare Debt Collections

The healthcare accounts receivable sector has seen several changes during the last few years. Hospital CFOs are now confessing that they’re struggling to cope with all the differences in the system. Managing budgets, working on initiatives to reduce costs, and implementing and developing financial processes is enough of a struggle. Now, dealing with healthcare accounts […]

Which New Challenges Are Facing Hospitals in Terms of Self-Pay Collections?

There is no healthcare service provider out there that hasn’t experienced the impact of high-deductible insurance. High deductibles or, even worse, no insurance policy at all, has created a much larger group of self-paying patients. While this isn’t good news for patients themselves who must face high debts, it’s bad news for healthcare providers, too. […]