The Keys to Effective Payment Processing for Collections

Collection agencies, and various other industry-specific collection services, provide a vitally important service for small businesses across industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Property Management, Utilities, Telecommunications, and many, many more. Research has shown that they help small businesses grow and ultimately succeed by helping them remain viable through collecting rightfully owed debts in a […]

Payment Processing Industry Goes Mobile, Has Your Business?

The forecast for mobile payments in 2018 shows continued growth, with reports suggesting nearly one in five users will use their smartphone for payments sometime this year. If your business hasn’t already implemented a mobile payment processing strategy, it’s time to consider it. According to the latest proximity mobile payments forecast from eMarketer, the total […]

Sixth annual ARM Industry Survey finds shift in compliance and security concerns

BillingTree annual Operations and Technology Survey reveals PCI compliance highest ranked concern Change in consumer demand sees mobile text payments among the most desired payment capability New technologies to expand payment channels top factor for growth and profitability in 2018 Phoenix, Ariz. – May 2, 2018 BillingTree®, the leading payment technology provider, today released the […]

Better Patient Communication and Its Role in Facilitating Effective Healthcare Billing Solutions

Today’s healthcare landscape has seen numerous changes as patients are facing increased responsibility for the cost of their treatment. This leaves providers relying more heavily on patients for a larger proportion of their revenue. However, despite these changes, healthcare billing solutions have been very slow when it comes to changing in response. And, this has […]

The Five Weaknesses of Only Accepting Manual Invoice Payments for B2B purchases

If your company is still using only manual systems for processing invoices for B2B payments and purchases, it’s time to move forward and to look for a more contemporary solution that will streamline your processes and facilitate your cash flow to ensure your company’s efficiency. Although at one time there were only manual options available […]

What Does Your Healthcare Organization Need to Know About Payment Devices and Healthcare Payment Processing Companies?

Making sure an ongoing flow of revenue is vital in today’s challenging healthcare environment. More and more providers are finding it increasingly difficult to get paid on time. Offering convenient payment methods is key to success in this area, and, therefore, choosing healthcare payment processing companies that can supply a payment device that enables collection […]

A Guide to The Role of The Property Manager

Owning a rental property is an excellent way of providing an extra income, or even of generating the equivalent of a full-time salary. However, managing the day-to-day running of the property can be complex, time-consuming, and stressful. It is no wonder, then, that many landlords look for an alternative way to enjoy all the benefits […]