Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Payments

In today’s modern technologically advanced world, innovations are moving quickly, and merchants who are unable to accept mobile credit card processing are failing to maximize their revenue opportunities in a potentially crowded marketplace. With increasing numbers of brick-and-mortar and online-only stores offering this payment method to their customers, it certainly appears mobile credit card processing […]

The Benefits of Integrated Payments for Collection Agencies

Collection agencies are always busy serving their customers, inputting customer data, setting up payment plans, and retrieving payments. If collection agencies have to also manually enter payments and incorporate all of their customer data into their accounting, they are going to lose precious time and money, and be unable to function at their highest capacity. […]

Payment Processing Technology for Financial Services & Collection Agencies

Today’s collections environment is highly competitive in both the financial services collections and accounts receivable management sectors. This is causing many managers to search for competitive advantages to set their business model apart, such as using payment processing technology to process payments quickly, compliantly and more efficiently. Payment processing technology for collection agencies is changing […]

The InterProse Corporation adopts BillingTree payment technology & merchant services

Leading Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) solution provider customers now have access to online portals, interactive voice response (IVR) and gateway payment technology BillingTree payment technology and merchant services now available across ARM, Healthcare, Property Management and Financial Services markets Phoenix, Ariz. – March 13, 2018 BillingTree®, the leading payment technology provider, today announced Account Receivables […]

3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction through Implementation of Collection Best Practices

How Improving Accounts Receivable Management Makes Customers More Satisfied There are three key ways in which improving accounts receivable management makes customers happier and more satisfied: Customers’ lives become easier with an automated system. Customers can be reminded of when their payments need to be sent in, elevating the stress from having to remember to […]