B2B Merchant Services – A Solution For Today’s Small Businesses

B2B merchant services have requirements that are more complex and involved, which is very different from the payment services required in the consumer sector. With a wider range of transactions to deal with, as well as the challenges posed by deliberate delaying tactics, which are often brought into play by buyers in an attempt to put off having to make payments to their suppliers, finding the best merchant service solution to meet the needs of your organization couldn’t be more important.

What To Look For In A Reliable Merchant Services Provider

Finding an honest and reliable provider of merchant services for B2B organizations is paramount. Choosing a provider that has been in the industry for years and has a strong reputation within the industry ensures your business can rely on the services being trustworthy and of high quality.

User-friendly solutions are also vital. While you may have an in-depth understanding of your own sector, you may not have such a good understanding of payment processing and the more complex elements of compliance and security issues. When you use the right merchant services provider, you can be certain that you will be partnered with an organization that has considerable experience and has a complete knowledge of all regulations and requirements. You can be freed up to deal with the more important elements of helping your business to grow while your partner merchant services provider can focus on keeping your payment systems running smoothly.

Unparalleled Customer Service

A B2B merchant services provider that offers an unparalleled level of customer service couldn’t be more important. While no company wants to contact a support center to deal with issues with their payment systems, when they do, they want to deal with a U.S.-based center that can offer knowledgeable, helpful, and impressive service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You should also be looking for a provider that has your interests at heart and who will help you to determine the right products and services to make your business run more effectively. By helping you to choose the perfect solutions to meet your needs, you can be certain your business will be taken to the next level of success.

Easy Acceptance Of Payments

One of the main reasons you need to find a reliable merchant services provider is to simplify your customers’ methods of making payments so your cash flow can be increased, and your revenue maximized. The right provider will ensure your customers can make payments via their preferred method, whether it is with a credit card, debit card or ACH payment. With online portals at their disposal, as well as IVR systems accessible 24/7 for customers’ convenience, you’ll find that the number of delinquent accounts your business experiences will be dramatically reduced, and your cash flow will be increased exponentially.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway helps B2B businesses to accept invoices and transactions over the Internet. Payment gateways offer a host of possibilities, including e-commerce platforms, online shopping carts, and POS systems to communicate card data securely. From the convenience of recurring customer payments to the collection and storage of customer data, together with the benefits of additional security and protection from fraud, payment gateways are something all B2B companies should be looking for from their merchant services provider.

Scalability For Business Needs

Scalability is a key element to look for in any merchant services provider for B2B clients. You need the products and services you use to be compatible with the size and type of your business, and to be able to cope and adjust to meet its changing needs should the company expand in the future. Finding merchant services that can be customized to meet your individual needs will ensure you are selecting a long-term solution that will stand your organization in good stead for the future.

Mobile Payment Options

Today’s consumers are keen to be able to make payments in the way that best suits them. With more people than ever before using mobile devices to access the Internet at a time and place of their choosing, it is important for B2B companies to be aware of this demand and to meet it head on by partnering with a merchant services provider who can offer all the convenience of mobile payments.

BillingTree’s Solutions For B2B Clients

BillingTree’s B2B merchant services solutions are designed to meet the needs of companies within this specific sector. As a provider with more than a decade of experience, BillingTree can be relied upon to supply solutions that are fully compliant and secure and that live up to the expectations and demands of modern consumers who are looking for something more convenient from payment facilities. BillingTree can help your organization to put in place a payment system that will stand the test of time.