Benefits of Payment Processing for HealthCare

Now that healthcare has started to come with higher deductibles and consumers are responsible for more of the payment, consumers are demanding more hospital pricing transparency. After all, consumers want to know what they will be paying for services.

Since they are now paying more of the bill, consumers prefer to know precisely what each consultation, test and treatment costs when they go to the doctor. Gone are the days of low co-pays and not even questioning the price of a medical treatment. Healthcare can be very expensive and consumers these days do not want to be told the price only after they have received care. And they want to be able to pay before, during and after the care, and through a variety of payment methods. They would also like to be able to conveniently choose their form of payment whether that might be an e-check, debit or credit card.

This is how you, the healthcare provider, can help the consumer by providing them with multiple payment options. Offering payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or ACH payments is a good method to assure more timely and complete payments during that crucial ‘post-care’ portion of the billing cycle. Setting them up with a payment plan in which they are involved with choosing the payment cycles and the terms can also be helpful.

You can offer these things by working with a payment processor company. Payment processors have the payment systems and methods already created for taking multiple forms of payment and they can integrate their software with yours so that you can have the capabilities without having to create your own payment collection system. Let BillingTree help you achieve this goal with its flexible and compliant payment processing solutions.

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