BillingTree’s Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

Today’s health insurance scenarios have led to an increasingly complex situation when it comes to healthcare accounts receivable management. With the evolution of complicated payer plans and patient co-pays, as well as the extra complications of co-insurance agreements and high-deductible plans, it is no wonder that so many healthcare settings have struggled to cope with the additional workload surrounding invoicing and accounts.

A comprehensive strategy needs to be put in place to minimize issues with reimbursement, to improve cash flow, and to reduce the amount of time that staff members spend handling nonpayment issues. BillingTree has the optimal answer to your healthcare accounts receivable management problems with high-quality solutions that will make sure you receive more of the money owed on time and in full without excessive and onerous effort.

Dealing with Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management in The Modern Medical Environment

In most healthcare provision settings, staff members are busy, stressed, and overloaded with work. AR management is just another time-consuming problem to be dealt with. With so many varied elements to contend with, the potential for making mistakes or for allowing accounts to go uncollected is high. That is where BillingTree’s solutions can prove invaluable. Releasing valuable healthcare staff members to go about their important duties without having to waste time dealing with accounting and invoicing matters, our systems will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for a convenient, efficient, and time-saving approach.

Industry Knowledge and Extensive Experience

Healthcare remains a primary source of debt within the AR management industry and collecting on balances that are past due requires in-depth industry knowledge. This can only come from many years of prior experience within this highly specific environment. BillingTree has the expertise and the technology to provide a completely effective solution to facilitate ARM payments and to help healthcare providers to receive the money that they are owed in a timelier manner.

A Streamlined Solution

BillingTree’s physician and hospital accounts offer an entirely unique opportunity for agencies to increase their payment and billing footprint. By providing a convenient and affordable third-party billing solution, BillingTree’s payment processing service ensures that the process of invoicing, reporting, and receiving payment is streamlined for a swifter and more efficient mode of operation.

An entirely flexible solution, BillingTree’s payment processing solution accepts a wide variety of payment methods to facilitate payments in the most wide-ranging and convenient way. From HAS and FSA payments to ACH and debit and credit cards, BillingTree’s system ensures optimal value and impressive performance.

Convenient 24/7 Payment Possibilities

By allowing for payment plans in the cases of large outstanding balances, together with the third party, Early Out, and first-party payments, BillingTree makes it incredibly simple to make payments. By setting automated reminders, healthcare professionals can rest assured that they will receive payments at the right time and in the correct amount. Thanks to the 24/7 access to the system, it is also possible to accept payments at any time of the day or night, making it much more likely that outstanding monies will be received on schedule. BillingTree focuses on providing consumer-centric solutions that make it easier than ever to make a payment from any form of device, from any location to eliminate the possibilities of loss or delay. And, since a variety of different payment methods are accepted, patients will have the complete freedom to select the options that best suit their individual needs and requirements.

Full Compliance and Integration

As a fully PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SSAE-16 certified solution, BillingTree’s healthcare accounts receivable management solutions eliminate any concerns about noncompliance and ensures that every transaction carried out has the full protection of the law. Because they also integrate fully with existing systems, the result is an entirely unique combination of performance and usability with streamlined functionality and the capacity to adapt to future enhancements for a long-term solution. Thanks to our technology development in-house team, you can depend on us to supply your healthcare provider with a fully comprehensive suite of solutions and services.

Competitive Pricing

One of the key features of BillingTree’s effective payment processing solutions is the cost-effectiveness they represent. By partnering with an established banking network, we can keep our prices competitive, saving you money over manual processing. Without the need to pay out for checks to be regularly processed, you will find that you save money by adopting our new and technologically advanced solutions.