Dental Office Credit Card Processing Considerations

May 25, 2017

Many consumers across the United States find themselves in healthcare debt, leaving them unable to pay their bills on time. However, when they are given the opportunity to send payments by credit card, they can stay up-to-date with their healthcare providers and pay down their debt at their own speed.

Credit Card Processing Options for Dentists and Orthodontists

May 18, 2017

Many consumers are unable to pay their healthcare bills at the time of appointment and they have to turn to credit cards to keep from going into medical debt. That is why it is crucial for dentists and orthodontists to allow patients to pay with their credit cards. BillingTree provides

Improving Dental Billing and Collections

May 23, 2017

Dental and orthodontics offices often see patients who cannot make their payments on time and in full. While these healthcare professionals simply want to provide stellar service to their patients, they also need to ensure that they will be properly compensated for their hard work. To guarantee that patients will

Self-Pay Options for Dentists

May 11, 2017

Today, more than 100 million people in the United States are living without dental care. They simply cannot afford dental care, even with the Affordable Care Act in place. This leaves dentists struggling to find patients who regularly come into the office and can pay their bills in full and

Collect Dental Payments Online

May 9, 2017

More than ever, people are paying their bills online. Instead of sending in checks through the mail or using automated phone systems, they are paying at their own convenience through their banks or companies’ websites. According to Credit Union Times, 56% of all bills are paid online by people of

Best Practices for Dental Accounts Receivable Management

May 16, 2017

Within the accounts receivable management industry, healthcare is one of the most prominent sources of debt for people. Twenty-six percent of U.S. adults ages 18 to 64 reported that someone in their household had difficulty paying medical bills in the past 12 months, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation/New York

Best Practices for Dental Debt Collection

May 3, 2017

Dental debt collection is crucial for any dentists’ or orthodontists’ office. However, patients are often unable to pay for their out-of-pocket health care costs up front, leaving dentists out in the cold. According to Healthline, more than 100 million people in the United States do not have dental insurance. In

Critical considerations for healthcare payment solutions

April 27, 2017

Healthcare is one of the major sources of debt for many people, whether they have insurance or not. In the United States, one in five working-age individuals with insurance struggles to pay their medical bills, while 53% of uninsured people have issues paying their bills. Among the insured and uninsured,

Types of Medical Payment Solutions

April 25, 2017

Patients who are both insured and uninsured carry a staggering amount of medical debt. On average, people owe $1,766 of overdue medical debt. These debts not only have an adverse toll on the consumers. They put stress on the healthcare providers as well. Healthcare providers may not be receiving payments

What to Look for in Healthcare Payment Systems

April 19, 2017

There are 42.9 million Americans who have unpaid medical bills. These unpaid bills result in many healthcare facilities not being compensated for their valuable services. Sometimes, patients may not be able to pay because of financial issues. Perhaps they simply forget to pay their bills, or they cannot figure out