BillingTree & Payrazr Offer Complete Payment Services and Solutions for Healthcare Providers

As the nation’s healthcare system increases in complexity, so does collecting customer payments. But it must remain a top priority as it contributes to the overall cash flow and profitability of your organization. Providing complete payment services and solutions for healthcare providers is a critical and necessary function to your practice. BillingTree has a number of different offering to ensure your organization stays on top of patient payments and overall efficiency.

Payrazr Suite

BillingTree’s Payrazr offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions to serve almost every business need your healthcare practice should uncover. Payrazr’s payments technology gives healthcare practices a number of different ways to automate the system. Here are a couple of notable advantages of using BillingTree’s Payrazr for healthcare:

  • Information and payments are transferred and received, all through one easy-to-use interface.
  • Patients can view their statement balances and make payments using a variety of different options, all from the same online interface. Consumers prefer this channel for its advanced functionality and ease.
  • It offers seamless processing and posting of payments.

Collecting funds from patients is a reality of all healthcare providers but it doesn’t have to be daunting or uncomfortable. BillingTree’s Payrazr payment solutions can automate the transfer of money so that you can keep the patient/healthcare provider relationship in tact without losing any mutual respect. Let payrazr handle the payments so that your practice can focus on giving your patients the top-notch and quality care they deserve.

Patient Payment Portals

Another payment solution for healthcare providers to consider is how to manage your organization’s collections strategy. The collections process can be complex, involving a number of different factors, including overseeing payment plans, as well as running accounts receivable and delinquencies. Of particular concern to providers are past due accounts receivables, which are outstanding balances for completed patient treatment. Traditional forms of collection include repeated monthly billing, collection letters and phone calls. Accounts are at the risk of becoming more delinquent because some providers are reluctant to initiate collection action. The risk for a write-off can increase because of this increasingly sensitive area of management.

BillingTree has a solution for these types of healthcare collections. Payrazr payment portals can manage your organization’s collection process more smoothly. As consumers embrace more online and mobile bill payment options, recent studies support that patient payment portals contribute to a more efficient collections process and dramatically improve a healthcare provider’s profitability. Patients are given 24/7 direct access to their accounts much like they do with other bill payment options. Gentle, automated past due balance email reminders can regularly inform a patient of their outstanding balance. Technology will continue to evolve and consumers will expect more online and bill payment options as a result. Consider Payrazr as a way to give patients the convenience of receiving and paying their bill online. 

Why BillingTree?

BillingTree can streamline your patient payment options giving your staff more time to manage the organization and focus on patient care. Operating a successful healthcare practice includes taking care of these necessary administrative tasks. Automating the process saves your healthcare practice valuable time, see how BillingTree can help and get started with us today!