Card Payments Require Gateways That Can Work With Current Software Solutions

Businesses today utilize the latest software solutions to track and complete vital business processes, so online card payments are a vital link to the customer base and a positive bottom line. In order to ensure that these backend business process software solutions are integrated with solutions for card payments, businesses must have access to payment gateways.

Payment Gateway Virtual Terminals enable businesses to take card payments directly from their website by acting as a mediator between the transactions that take place on the website and the payment processor. This is a necessary legal requirement as it is prohibited, due to security reasons, to transmit transaction information directly from a business’ website to a payment processor.

Businesses must have access to payment gateways that integrate with the software that they have for seamless internal and customer-facing business processes that go beyond payment transactions. This can and often does include the ability to integrate with software systems like accounting and billing software, e-commerce platforms, ERP and CRM programs, just to name a few.

Payment services and solutions providers like BillingTree work to deliver robust payment services and solutions that are highly scalable, versatile and flexible to meet the needs of businesses across almost every industry. Consequently, integration with business process software for secure, transparent, and streamlined credit card payments is always top of mind to meet the needs of every business.

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