Collect Dental Payments Online

More than ever, people are paying their bills online. Instead of sending in checks through the mail or using automated phone systems, they are paying at their own convenience through their banks or companies’ websites.

According to Credit Union Times, 56% of all bills are paid online by people of different ages. The younger generations, the Millennials and Generation Xers, are paying bills online at higher rates of 61% and 60% respectively.

That is why it is a smart idea for dentists and orthodontists to collect dental payments online. Increasingly, younger patients will prefer online payments, and dentists need to keep up with this demand.

Here are some ways your office can collect dental payments online and ensure that you are paid swiftly.

Utilize a branded online payment portal

A branded online payment portal like Payrazr will allow patients to pay their bills at any time. All they do is log on and with the click of a button, they can send your office money for their unpaid debts. While they are on the portal, they will see your branding such as logo and company artwork. This builds your brand.

Allow various forms of payment online

Some patients prefer to use credit cards online, while others would rather stick to eChecks and ACH payments. Some want to pay with their Health Savings Accounts, while others may hope to utilize their Flexible Spending Accounts. By providing the opportunity to use virtually any form of payment, you will be more successful when you go to collect dental payments online.

Let customers set up automatic payments and payment plans

When they access the payment portal, patients must be given the chance to create recurring payments so that they do not forget to pay. It is important to send out automatic reminders before payment is due so that patients can guarantee the money is in their account and ready to be withdrawn.

Some patients with higher bills will need payment plans, and letting them work out these plans on the online portal is important as well. They can determine the terms of their plans and how the money will be taken out. Though it may take longer for your office to get paid, you can rest assured that the bills will be paid in full over time.

No matter how patients pay online, you must ensure that all online payment-processing services are HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI-DSS compliant. This will protect patients’ payment sensitive financial and personal information and guarantee that all transactions are safe and secure.

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