Collecting Healthcare Self-Pay Through Integrated Billing

Healthcare providers who collect payments from self-pay patients are always looking for methods to increase their collections. Unfortunately though, a lot of patients are slow in paying their bills. Here is why: one of the things that frustrate patients when trying to pay their healthcare bills is that they get a number of bills from a number of different people or institutions that have helped them (doctors, pharmacists, etc.).

For better results, healthcare providers would find it advantageous to pull all of the information from their disparate systems and service-providers into a single integrated platform.  Many times healthcare is a collection of different service-providers, but to the patient the provider is one single entity. Because of this patients find it difficult to understand why they get more than one bill from their provider and they will be hesitant to pay the bills when they do not know who it is from or if they have already paid it. This also creates inefficiencies at the record-keeping level as providers rely on multiple patient accounting offices instead of managing a single, holistic process.

Combining all of this data into one integrated system enables a single experience for the patient through all of the patient engagement touch points. It also improves productivity by giving the healthcare provider the ability to pool resources into one team.  This gives the transaction one patient, one system and one experience.

BillingTree’s payment processing software can provide both a means of collecting on several accounts as well as the ability to produce records that show payment activity from the patient and disbursements to individual providers or billers. To learn more about how BillingTree can help you, contact BillingTree or call us at 877-424-5587.