Credit Card Processing Options for Dentists and Orthodontists

Many consumers are unable to pay their healthcare bills at the time of appointment and they have to turn to credit cards to keep from going into medical debt. That is why it is crucial for dentists and orthodontists to allow patients to pay with their credit cards.

BillingTree provides HIPAA-compliant and PCI and SSAE-certified credit card processing for dentists and orthodontists, ensuring that these professionals will be able to collect on past dues from their patients.

With BillingTree’s easy to utilize and convenient payment processing solutions, customers can simply log onto a branded Payrazr payment portal 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week and input their credit card numbers as well as set up automatic, recurring payments every month. These automatic payments will eliminate any human error and ensure that payment goes through. Patients are also able to create payment plans for large balances that will work for their budget and guarantee they will have the power to pay down their debt.

Patients can also pay by credit card through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated telephone system that is operational 24-7. During normal business hours, patients are able to speak with a knowledgeable and helpful agent who will guide them through the credit card payment process.

BillingTree’s online and phone credit card processing will increase dental and orthodontics offices’ bottom lines. Dentists and orthodontists with the service no longer need to scramble to collect dental payments, saving time and money, and allowing them to focus on making sure their practices are a success.

Learn how BillingTree can help your dental or orthodontics office securely and quickly accept credit card payments from your patients by contacting us today.