Don’t Get Distracted By Manual Processes; Instead, Focus On Patient-Focused Billing Solutions

For today’s healthcare practices, never has navigating our nation’s complex health care system been more challenging, nor collecting the increasing customer payments more time consuming.

Nevertheless, these critical and necessary administrative functions of operating a successful healthcare practice can sidetrack staff from providing the valuable time and attention your patients truly deserve.

Shifting the Focus

A growing number of healthcare practices striving for a higher level of financial performance are turning to the latest online billing and payment  technology to improve their cash flow and overall efficiency.

By utilizing these types of solutions – like BillingTree’s myPayrazr suite –  health care organizations can ensure they continuously stay on top of patient billing and follow up.

By automating the process, your staff will have more time to dedicate to other business tasks, as well as top-notch patient care. And with the potential for human error removed due to automation, bills are efficiently and electronically delivered with all relevant information.

What Are Some Advantages?

After patient eligibility is verified and medical claims decided upon, BillingTree’s Payrazr solutions take control. Here are some of the benefits of online solutions:

·         They transform the way information and payments are received, all via one easy interface.

·         As a consumer-preferred channel, patients can go online via an easy-to-navigate interface view and pay their statement balances with a variety of payment options.

·         They offer seamless processing and posting, as well as real-time approvals.

Let’s face it: Collecting funds from patients is never an easy or comfortable task. At the end of the day, the patient-healthcare team should be one built on trust and mutual respect. And like many other areas of daily life, when money comes between the two it can potentially harm the relationship if not handled the right way.

BillingTree partners with the leaders in online billing to offer Payrazr solutions. Partners include Striata, FSSI, and RevSpring providing customers with Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP), online billing solutions that deliver an enhanced customer experience, rapid reduction in operational costs and quicker payments. Contact us today for details.