The Payrazr API Suite: How You Can Embed Payments In Your Current Platform

We are living in an exciting era. It’s one where the technology tools we need to build meaningful applications – that have the opportunity to impact how we conduct business on a daily basis – are rapidly evolving.

With the industry transition towards offering a wider range of payment options, more and more companies today are realizing that omni-channel payment technologies can provide a competitive advantage.

And most busy companies want an online payment platform they can start using immediately, that also easily integrates with their existing systems.

Embed Payments In Your Current Platform 

With the introduction of web APIs more than a decade ago, many valuable resources are increasingly available in a self-service mode, allowing anyone to integrate these valuable resources into their own system.

In fact, APIs allow well-established, and even new, organizations to evolve their existing business models, while also providing them with the innovative tools they need to establish new ways of conducting business.

Payrazr Solutions API Suite

BillingTree’s Payrazr Solutions API Suite allows businesses to instantly enable users to accept payments online, quickly extending payment functionality and adding new features with minimal effort. The solution supports a seamless user-experience on an organization’s existing platform, while simultaneously shielding its application from fraud and regulatory complexity.

The Payrazr Suite supplies businesses with the technology that complement their payment processes, including payment portals and gateways, negotiators, Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) and virtual terminals – each featuring APIs and mobile enablement.

What makes Payrazr so revolutionary is that it’s easy to customize with a company’s specific branding, so customers know they are dealing directly with the organization they know and trust. This is accomplished by making available a rich set of APIs to embed our payment technology within your existing system.

The best part: The Payrazr platform’s depth allows customers and partners to boost revenue by offering their customers more payment channel options– while also helping to ensure security and compliance issues.

Payrazr operates independently, but also fully integrates with BillingTree’s merchant services (i.e., card payments, ACH payments, compliance coaching and more). Payrazr offers a comprehensive suite, including innovative approaches to embedding payments, to serve most every business’s needs.