Week of 9/15/16

  • Suns Charities 88 hosting its 4th annual Slam Dunk street party http://ow.ly/uOmA3041lmd sponsored by BillingTree @Suns
  • Collectors still looking for more efficient #collections http://ow.ly/e3Mu3041mBh Dave Yohe discusses different methods with @CollectAdvisor
  • #Mobiletechnology is no longer just an add-on, it's a vital service http://ow.ly/8M1h304gTEK how to engage the always connected customer
  • Payment processing for #creditunions: reduce time and effort http://ow.ly/xKQj304gU4a making a stress-free path for consumers to make payments
  • Electronic funds transfers and complying with #RegE http://ow.ly/27e3304gUoT the rise of electronic signatures for payment collections
  • Accept ACH, Debit and Credit Card payments at anytime http://www.payrazr.com/products/ivr/ learn how Payrazr #IVR benefits your bottom line

Credit Unions

The power of many: helping smaller #banks adopt new technology http://ow.ly/QShp304gUP1 vital in remaining healthy and competitive @AmerBanker


Has your #dentalpractice considered alternative payment methods? http://ow.ly/Ij4h304gV4U 5 ways to improve dental collections @DentistryIQ

Auto Finance

Is there too much #bigdata? http://ow.ly/7IBi304gVvn survey finds #autolenders need better analytics to data to stay competitive @Automotive_News

Student loans

Collection professionals form new #studentloan advisory group http://ow.ly/l5PO304gWcj to promote more transparent collection processes @ACAIntl