Why Choose BillingTree for Collections Payment Processing

Collections payment processing desperately needs a digital revolution! That’s where we come in. Collection agencies help small businesses grow and succeed by helping them remain viable through collecting rightfully owed debts, especially during a time of crisis. To do this (and remain profitable), the agencies must find consistent ways to collect those debts efficiently and […]

Payrazr Hosted Payments Helps You Accept Payments Online Fast

Taking payments online is not as easy as you may think, especially if you want to connect your core system, web applications and mobile apps to the payment gateway. Thankfully, BillingTree® just launched Payrazr Hosted Payments, which makes connecting your existing user-facing assets to the Payrazr™ payment platform a breeze. Accept online payments with one […]

Improved Patient Experience Increases Overall Healthcare Revenue Collection

. The struggle with healthcare debt appears to be all too real for the Millennial generation when looking at overall healthcare revenue collection.  Many healthcare providers and practices have recently reported a continuing struggle when it comes to eliciting timely payments for all medical collection services, but for this particular article we will focus solely […]

Four Ways to Face Today’s Healthcare Collection Challenges

For many practices, healthcare collection is proving to be a major challenge. Medical claim reimbursements are more difficult to obtain than ever before. The top challenge, according to 83% of small practice physicians, is that patients with high-deductible plans are slow to pay. The second most common challenge is practice employees are struggling to communicate […]

Don’t Get Complacent About Compliance

Triple check your risk management strategies to avoid a breach There’s no shortage of instances of security breaches where customer data is accessed or exposed. It seems like you can’t go one week without learning of a new breach somewhere across the country. It’s no secret that a breach can be nothing short of catastrophic, […]