Increase Online Payments with the Right Payment Provider

With integrated online payments, businesses can finally offer their customers more ways to make and manage payments instantly. It’s faster, safer, and more convenient than ever before. It’s proven that companies experience an increase in sales volume when they set up online functionality for the first time. It’s like going from a horse and carriage […]

Improving the Patient Payment Experience

A Golden Patient Payment Experience It’s hard to make a good impression with your healthcare patients. The odds are pretty good they aren’t in the best of moods already. Struggling with an illness or even a routine checkup is always a hassle. Making the payment process difficult seems to add salt into an already profound […]

5 Ways to Increase On-Time Payments for Your Business

On-time payments can elevate the way you do business! For any business, large or small, the time between selling a product or rendering a service and having the money in your hands can be the difference between success and failure. This is especially true of businesses that have a longer pipeline, like hospitals and credit […]

Why You Should Consider Mobile Billing and Payments for Your Healthcare Business

Collecting payments from patients, historically, has been a nightmare. Tracking down patient information, explaining the finer points of the healthcare system, and using outdated methods of payment processing, like snail mail, can clog up the works for businesses. If these processes gum up the works for regular companies, like retail, you can imagine how they […]

What are Merchant Services?

Remember when cash and checks were your only means to pay for the things you wanted? No? Well, we don’t blame you; it was a long time ago. Nowadays, credit cards are the preferred payment method. In fact, according to Statista, 40% of Americans prefer using their credit card for transactions. At this point, you have to […]

The Importance of Compliance in Payment Processing

There’s always a certain level when you’re running a business. That’s just the name of the game. But when you accept credit card payments from your customers, you’re assuming quite a bit more. Now, you run the risk of fraudulent charges, returns, cancellations, identity theft, disputes, etc. That’s why it’s crucial to meet the current […]

Your Business is Growing, Now What?

Payment processing makes growth easier. It’s lonely at the top, and it turns out, also pretty confusing. Your company has reached the point where you’re struggling less financially, but starting to worry about little minutiae, like newer operating problems, an overwhelmed staff, and an ever-changing infrastructure. It might feel like you’re taping your business together […]