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Using Healthcare Payment Solutions to Improve the Millennial Patient Experience

Healthcare practices nationwide are finding it harder than ever to elicit timely payments of medical bills from patients. This is especially the case for Millennial patients. As a generation, Millennials are particularly struggling with healthcare debt. This is causing major problems for practices of all sizes as cash flow starts to dry up. Practices with many Millennials as patients are struggling to stay afloat as bills go unpaid. So how can healthcare payments solutions make a difference? Can...  READ MORE ⟩

Changing Attitudes Toward Healthcare Payments

More healthcare practitioners are reporting that patients have a negative attitude when it comes to making healthcare payments. When consumers use professional services, such as those of attorneys or architects, they fully expect to pay. Consumers have no difficulty in paying for these services in advance. However, they seem to have issues with paying for the services of medical professionals. This applies especially when it comes to providing card details upfront before the provision of healthc...  READ MORE ⟩

Why Are Automated Payment Solutions for Healthcare Organizations So Important?

Today, patients have to shoulder the burden of even more of their healthcare costs. It is for this reason that they’re now becoming more selective when choosing providers. Practices that can’t provide a positive patient experience will inevitably fail. Patients are making no secret of their willingness to abandon their existing providers should their experience fall short. With this in mind, practices are increasingly having to look for ways to satisfy their patients. Could automated payment...  READ MORE ⟩

What Are the Obstacles to Value-Based Care Adoption?

These days, value-based care is the buzz word in the healthcare industry. However, many providers are struggling to get on board. There are a number of obstacles that are responsible for this reticence to adopt value-based care. Could the options for payment processing healthcare practices are adopting be one of these obstacles? Here, we take a look at the reasons so many providers are still not on board with the latest changes. Small Practices Perhaps the biggest obstacle in the way of value...  READ MORE ⟩

Three Top Tips for Payment Processing for Healthcare

At one time, healthcare providers didn’t need to worry if patients were unable to pay. However, times have changed. Patients are now payers, with many of them struggling to cope with their financial responsibilities. Deductibles have grown by more than 30 percent since 2015. This means that almost every practice is looking for a better way to reconcile and process bills. Yet, even the most advanced technology can’t help when patients don’t pay on time or consistently. This means that findi...  READ MORE ⟩

Are Satisfied Patients the Answer to Better Medical Account Receivables Collection?

Patients are now paying a larger portion of their healthcare costs. This has led to healthcare providers struggling with their medical account receivables collection. Patient payments now amount to around a third of all provider revenue. At one time, providers were able to cope with losses because of patients were unable to pay. However, today, this is no longer tenable. When patients fail to pay on time, cash flow is severely affected. Luckily, there is a solution, and that lies in keeping pati...  READ MORE ⟩

How Can Health Payment Solutions Help When Patients Argue?

Practice staff members have a difficult task ahead of them at the best of times. Dealing with patients can already be fraught with problems. These days, however, the challenges are even greater. Public service organizations, writers, and companies are now telling patients they shouldn’t be paying their healthcare bills. These organizations claim they’re helping patients to pay the right amount. However, in real terms, they are offering patients a way of delaying payment or even avoiding maki...  READ MORE ⟩

Introducing New Healthcare Payment Solutions? A Guide to Coping with Change in The Office

Are you implementing new healthcare payment solutions in your practice or doctors’ office? Are you finding that your staff members are not exactly embracing the change? Unfortunately, this is a common problem in medical settings. No sooner do you put one system in place than you introduce another. New regulations, new procedures, a change to payment and billing cultures, and insurance mandates are making the job challenging. It is no wonder that practice staff members find it so difficult to k...  READ MORE ⟩

Could Adopting the Best Healthcare Payments Industry Solutions Save Your Practice Money?

These days, medical professionals are having to become more aware of costs. The cost of processing payments is just one of the factors they must bear in mind. More practices nowadays are struggling to stay financially afloat. They, therefore, need to find ways to streamline their expenses and make their practices more profitable. This is something that the healthcare payments industry is eager to address. This is especially important since many practice managers believe that minimizing their pra...  READ MORE ⟩