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Innovations In B2B Payments And The Fintech Focus

When it comes to receiving B2B payments, fintech investments in the latest technology look like the best way to resolve the challenges that SMEs are facing today in the marketplace. Although the small and medium-size business sector has been neglected until relatively recently, the latest innovations have been designed to target areas, such as lending to small businesses, procurement, online e-commerce, invoice financing, and B2B payments. These are all key elements of the small business world....  READ MORE ⟩

Top Tips From Accounts Receivable Collection Leaders In The Healthcare Industry

If you have considerable debts that are languishing in your practice’s accounts receivable, there is a good chance that your organization’s bottom line will be negatively impacted. This is not only because of a lack of effective cash flow, although this is a key element at play. It is also because of the effort that needs to be expended by staff in order to collect on those accounts. Accounts receivable collection leaders take situations like this very seriously, and they have given some of ...  READ MORE ⟩

Are Payment Challenges Harming Your Business?

It is never easy to run any type of small business. And, having sufficient money and time to keep that dream going is often extremely challenging, even in the best of circumstances. All too often, business owners fail to recognize that they are actually losing money. Even the simplest of things, such as making B2B payments for SMB, are able to damage a business more than might be realized. The Expense Of B2B Payments One of the best things about consumers is, in an ideal scenario, they make th...  READ MORE ⟩

The Four Major Issues Troubling Credit Unions Today

Credit unions are facing many challenges in the modern world of digital banking, and attracting new members seems to have become harder than ever... There are several issues that are causing major headaches for today’s credit unions. These include issues such as finding the best ways to provide online and mobile card services for credit union members, to keeping their branch doors revolving with existing and new customer traffic.Here, we look at the four major issues that are troubling today...  READ MORE ⟩

Credit Unions And The Progression To Financial Portals

Modern credit unions are beginning to realize that they have to start thinking outside the box and begin to offer something more for their members than just the ability to cash checks, manage their checking accounts, and take out a loan. In today’s world of remote and online banking, the ties that members have to their various financial institutions and credit unions have begun to weaken. And, with many different options available when it comes to money management and loan provision, credit un...  READ MORE ⟩

Does Accepting B2B Credit Card Processing Outvalue The Cost?

Everyone knows that it costs businesses money to have B2B credit card processing in place, and, actually, this is the top excuse given by B2B organizations for refusing to accept credit cards. In fact, almost 70 percent of suppliers replied to a First Annapolis Consulting survey saying the high cost of accepting cards was the primary reason for resisting them. Yet, while having to pay a fee may seem to be a valid reason for eschewing this form of payment, in fact, accepting cards brings a host o...  READ MORE ⟩

B2B Payment Systems – Creating Value In The Business-to-Business Supply Chain

In today’s modern business world, the technology that now exists and allows for digital payments to be made delivers more than simple cost-efficiency for companies within the Business-to-Business Supply chain. It also creates better value by changing the way in which suppliers and buyers find each other and carry out business together. The right B2B payment systems, which harness the latest cutting-edge tech, can make an enormous difference in the way businesses operate within a competitive ma...  READ MORE ⟩

Collecting Patient Payments And Medical Debt Within The U.S.

Whether you’re running a hospital or a family practice, knowing the facts about the state of the medical debt in the United States is vital. As a provider of healthcare services, your practice’s success depends heavily on how well you manage when collecting patient payments and how effective your process of revenue cycle management is. Of course, if we all lived in an ideal world, patients would pay their balances on time and in full. This is, unfortunately, never the case. Therefore, to...  READ MORE ⟩

The IVR System – Your Latest Tool For Collection Of Accounts Receivables

Whatever type of business you’re running, when it comes to maximizing revenue and providing outstanding customer service at the same time, an IVR system is the perfect solution. While it might be old technology, the latest tech has turned the Interactive Voice Response system into an impressive communication tool that can be indispensable in the collection of accounts receivables. The History Of The IVR System First used during the 1960s, the early IVR systems revolutionized the way in which...  READ MORE ⟩