3 Keys to Optimizing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Unlock your potential by optimizing your healthcare revenue cycle today! Managing the healthcare revenue cycle was a challenge even before COVID-19 hit U.S. shores. With the pandemic, providers now have the extra challenges of the need to minimize physical contact, potential financial stress for patients, and the ongoing fiscal challenges for providers themselves. But one [...]

How Credit Unions Can Strengthen Their Member Relationships in 2021

While COVID-19 has deeply impacted many credit unions, many more saw an opportunity to work with their members to ensure they had everything they needed to get through the pandemic. The same can’t be said of some of the more popular banks, like Wells Fargo. After signing the $900-billion pandemic relief package over the weekend, […]

What Happens When Your Merchant Account Gets Dropped?

This is something that every business owner dreads, but it happens all the time. Imagine getting a notification from your bank saying they can’t process your business’s payment transactions anymore, effective immediately. They’ve deemed your business “high-risk” and no longer wish to do business with you. While this might be true of industries like online […]

8 Things Your Payment Provider Must Have in the ARM Industry

Optimize your ARM business with the right payment processor! One characteristic of collection agencies that complicate payment acceptance is the nature of their business. Not only are these agencies in a highly regulated industry, but they are also unfairly classified as a high-risk industry and lumped in with gambling, nutraceuticals, and cryptocurrency companies to name […]

10 Key Reasons You Need Healthcare Debt Collection Software at Your Practice

Healthcare Debt Collection Made Simple! For any healthcare practice, collections is a key area. Without a successful collections system, paying for essentials to keep the practice running is impossible. There are several reasons why so many practices today are struggling to stay afloat and keep cash flowing. From inefficient invoicing to a poorly implemented collection […]

The Credit Union’s Guide to Mobile and Online Payments

Advance your credit union payment processing strategy today! These days, consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to financial service providers. That’s why a successful digital strategy is critical if you want to rise above the competition during this pandemic. By helping consumers recognize the benefits of choosing your organization, you can […]

PCI Compliance, Why Credit Unions Need to Annually Review Their Compliance

The nature of a credit union is to hold and secure sensitive information. For that very reason, many companies choose to partner with payment providers because they need someone to help them meet the highest compliance and security levels to keep their customer’s banking information safe. At BillingTree, we take security very seriously and comply […]