Top Benefits of Integrated Payments in Collections

Collection agencies are always busy serving their customers, inputting customer data, setting up payment plans, and retrieving payments. Importing all this data can become time-consuming and cost your agency more than just money. Integrated payment solutions are crucial for the everyday functions of the collections industry. If you are running a collection agency, here’s how […]

IVR Payments for Your Collections Business

IVR payments make the customer experience even better! In a recent survey we conducted, in terms of use, online portals took the top spot with 86% of the respondents, but Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) came in third at 47.8%. This makes sense, especially since COVID-19 has radically changed the way people do business. Customers […]

Why Payment Integrations Matter in Collections

Integrated Solutions for Collections Payments In what has now become a competitive digital landscape, since COVID-19, a large majority of agencies today require simple-to-use, automated solutions to meet growing consumer demand for diverse payment options. Gone are the days of cash and mailed checks. If you want to reach your customers and increase on-time payments, […]

Top 5 Tips for Collections Businesses

Many small to mid-sized businesses find payments to be their most significant challenge. Odd, we know, but all too common. You’d think companies would want to develop the simplest way to accept and receive money. This is especially true of the ARM/collections industry. Collections are fraught with outdated systems and methodologies that make collecting on-time […]

Collections Payments Best Practices During a Pandemic

During this pandemic, BillingTree is taking collections payment processing to the next level by closely analyzing our partner’s merchant activity. Your clients/customers want convenient, contactless methods to make their payments. The issue arises when industries that have been trailing others in technology need to play catch-up at this critical hour. Unfortunately, the ARM (Accounts Receivable […]

Credit Unions Rise to the Occasion: How Your Business Can do the Same

While so many businesses have been focusing their energies on fighting change, many credit union CEOs are beginning to look to the future. By embracing new developments during this epidemic, these industry leaders are finding new ways to reach their customers safely and securely. The key is developing a robust digital strategy. The fast, seamless […]

Could the Customer Experience Be The Key to Increased Collections?

When it comes to the collections industry, research has shown that the customer experience has a more integral role to play than previously believed. Evidence has shown that the breakdown of human interaction in modern business is the cause of many of today’s revenue problems. Fewer people have been using face-to-face communication in recent years, […]