PCI Compliance, Why Credit Unions Need to Annually Review Their Compliance

The nature of a credit union is to hold and secure sensitive information. For that very reason, many companies choose to partner with payment providers because they need someone to help them meet the highest compliance and security levels to keep their customer’s banking information safe. At BillingTree, we take security very seriously and comply […]

Credit Unions Rise to the Occasion: How Your Business Can do the Same

While so many businesses have been focusing their energies on fighting change, many credit union CEOs are beginning to look to the future. By embracing new developments during this epidemic, these industry leaders are finding new ways to reach their customers safely and securely. The key is developing a robust digital strategy. The fast, seamless […]

The Future of Payment Processing for Credit Unions

Step into the future of credit union payment processing! It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the landscape of credit unions has shifted drastically since the COVID-19 epidemic first occurred. Many businesses have failed to grasp the significance of their situation and, as a result, were forced to close their doors. It seems that […]

Payment Processing Trends to Give Financial Institutions an Advantage Post-COVID

Financial institutions can help make our community strong.  Almost no business has come out unscathed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining. With every defeat comes an insight into a business’s weaknesses and strengths. Many companies, for that reason, are doing some self-reflection and seeing what they can stand to […]

Why You Need Compliance for Financial Institution Payment Processing

Compliance in Financial Institution Payment Processing The nature of all financial institutions, like a credit union, is to hold and secure sensitive information. For that very reason, companies that partner with electronic payments companies need to be highly regulated and meet the highest levels of compliance and security to keep your customer’s banking information safe […]

Contactless is No Longer an Option for Credit Unions

The world never stops moving forward. Though, during a crisis, it may not seem that way. Many businesses are feeling the impact of COVID-19 in many ways, highlighting the urgent need to do business virtually. That’s why everything is going digital, and mobile. The fast, seamless nature of online shopping has made digital payments popular […]

Payrazr Hosted Payments Helps You Accept Payments Online Fast

Taking payments online is not as easy as you may think, especially if you want to connect your core system, web applications and mobile apps to the payment gateway. Thankfully, BillingTree® just launched Payrazr Hosted Payments, which makes connecting your existing user-facing assets to the Payrazr™ payment platform a breeze. Accept online payments with one […]

BillingTree’s Financial Services survey reveals customer retention, payment technology and software integration as top priorities

Fourth annual Financial Services Industry survey results available now for complimentary download Top factors cited as critical for success are growing member base and customer retention Majority of financial institutions now offer choice of payment options; finds continued demand for web, mobile and text payment technologies Phoenix, Ariz. – August 24, 2018 BillingTree®, the leading […]

Five Important Things to Know About PCI Compliance

If you are involved in collections, financial services, healthcare or property management, you’re more than likely going to be subject to PCI-DSS regulations. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a set of guidelines designed to keep sensitive financial information safe and secure throughout every stage of the payment cycle. Credit card abuse […]