Contactless Payments: Solving New Challenges in Healthcare Collections

Solving Current Healthcare Problems with Contactless Payments No insurance or high deductible policies have created a much larger group of self-paying patients. At one time, receiving payments was all about contacting insurers. These days, it’s more about trying to reach patients that are already hard-pressed in today’s economy, in addition to providing contactless forms of […]

Improving the Patient Payment Experience

A Golden Patient Payment Experience It’s hard to make a good impression with your healthcare patients. The odds are pretty good they aren’t in the best of moods already. Struggling with an illness or even a routine checkup is always a hassle. Making the payment process difficult seems to add salt into an already profound […]

Why You Should Consider Mobile Billing and Payments for Your Healthcare Business

Collecting payments from patients, historically, has been a nightmare. Tracking down patient information, explaining the finer points of the healthcare system, and using outdated methods of payment processing, like snail mail, can clog up the works for businesses. If these processes gum up the works for regular companies, like retail, you can imagine how they […]

Top 3 Problems with Payment Processing in Healthcare

Payment processing in healthcare is one of the most complex and challenging problems facing the industry. As technology and policies continue to evolve, healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with the financial side of patient care.  It can also be difficult navigating the subtle nuances of connectivity, hardware, and contracts for dozens, possibly hundreds […]

How Electronic Payment Processing Saves Healthcare Businesses Money

Healthcare payment processing is a broken system. Whether you have a doctor’s office, hospital, dentist, or massage therapist, you know how difficult it can be to bill a patient through their insurance. The process can take months, and even then, you still might have to hunt down their information. In the meantime, you’re wasting precious […]