How to Set Up eCheck Payment Processing for Collection Agencies

The average American household carries $134,643 worth of debt, including credit cards, mortgages, student loans, auto loans, and miscellaneous debts. There are thousands of collection agencies working to get that money back from customers and ensure their clients get paid.

Many collection businesses, however, are behind the times and do not offer stress-free payment solutions for their consumers. They will request customers send in paper checks or only pay over the phone, or they will not make their customers feel like their information is secure.

These practices hurt their business. Customers want easy, quick, and convenient ways to pay their debts. That is why they choose echeck payment processing.

How to utilize echeck payment processing 

If you have a collection agency, you can sign up with BillingTree and use their Payrazr portal to accept echeck payment processing.

Customers can set up echeck payments online or on the telephone with agent assistance or Interactive Voice Response. Payrazr is HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI compliant, so all payments are secure. Consumers will gladly utilize echeck payment processing if they know that their sensitive data is safe.

Payrazr payment portals also feature the ability to set up payment plans, do debt negotiation and settlements, and create recurring payments. All of these options make it even more convenient for customers to pay by the due date.

Getting started with echeck payment processing 

If you want to boost customer loyalty while simultaneously increasing your profits, it is time to try out the Payrazr portal. Contact BillingTree today for more information.