Health PAS (Payment Ambassador Service) – Agencies

July 8, 2015

BillingTree offers a unique opportunity for agencies to expand their billing and payment footprint with their hospital and physician accounts – while increasing revenue through transaction commissions earned when your healthcare clients partner with BillingTree for a new merchant account.

Health PAS – Hospitals & Physicians

BillingTree offers a unique opportunity for Hospitals and Physicians to manage your patient’s payment acceptance and statement services has substantial benefits including staffing realignment, cost savings and performance improvements.

Success Story – BillingTree and NRS

March 29, 2017

BillingTree began working with National Recovery Solutions in 2013 when NRS needed a payment solution that could provide them with better online payment options.  They needed their website to be more user-friendly – while remaining compliant with the growing regulatory environment.  Read how we were able to both increase the

Payrazr Overview Sheet

July 8, 2015

BillingTree’s Payrazr Suite of payment solutions supplies the tools and technology that complement payment processes including payment Portals, Negotiators, Gateways, Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR), and Virtual Terminals – each featuring APIs and Mobile Enablement. To learn more about Payrazr, CLICK HERE.

BillingTree Overview Sheet

July 8, 2015

BillingTree combines state-of-the-art technology with decades of customer service experience to give clients the latest payment services available to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. To learn more about BillingTree, CLICK HERE.