Collecting Client Payments for Law Firms

Meeting client expectations in an increasingly mobile, electronic world is a requirement now for legal billing. For law firms of all sizes, the ability to offer clients a seamless payment experience is crucial to increasing client income from billed hours. The combination of the Payrazr suite of solutions and collection software from BillingTree software partners can enable increased client collections for law firms while simultaneously simplifying and securing the process for the firm.

As law firms are dealing with sensitive information, they require solutions that ensure multi-layered security protocols that thwart cyber criminals determined to breach personal information. This new mobile landscape means that law firms like other businesses must reevaluate their approach to security while still providing collection solutions that are on par with the way that clients expect from every encounter.

The ability to integrate with existing in-house legal billing software is of paramount importance to a law firm’s collections and accounting department. Payrazr mobile payment processing solutions enable multiform communications with clients as well as seamless, safe and quick legal card processing solutions that can be customized to meet your unique needs, regardless of the size of your legal firm.

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