Collecting Payments: Integrating with CDS Software

CDS Software gained a competitive edge over others in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry by integrating their CollectOne software solution with Payrazr. This integration enables CDS Software to offer a comprehensive suite of payment options that appeal to all consumers. Offering payment options that appeal to more consumers lets CDS Software drive revenue by accepting more payments.

Why CDS chose Payrazr

Payrazr is an in-house developed suite of payment technologies that are best-of-breed. Only the Payrazr payments suite offers the range of payment options that make it easy for consumers to make a payment. When you offer something for everyone, you increase the likelihood of on time payments. Offering options also increases customer satisfaction, which can boost your cash flow.

Since Payrazr is the only comprehensive suite of omnichannel payment technologies, integrating CDS Software’s CollectOne payment collections software helps companies reach their customers where they want to be reached. This flexibility results in a more positive experience and better collections. A variety of payment options like ACH, mobile, card payments, and more appeals to everyone, regardless of technical proficiency.

Collect more money with Payrazr

Since CDS Software partnered with BillingTree, CDS Software now offers an integrated payment solution that is compliant as well. As the ARM industry changes and evolves, taking advantage of the Payrazr and offering cutting edge solutions puts CDS Software at the leading edge of collections and timely payments while helping them remain compliant with industry standards.

What can you get with the Payrazr suite?

Payrazr solutions include:

The highlight of integrating with Payrazr is eliminating manual processes. By automating your payment cycles, you gain efficiencies and advantages that have a direct effect on your bottom line.

The BillingTree difference

BillingTree® is the leading, technology focused payment solutions company providing innovative Accounts Receivables products and services that enable organizations to increase efficiency and decrease costs of processing payments while adhering to compliance regulations.

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