BillingTree Leadership Team

The BillingTree leadership team has a tremendous amount of experience in the payment processing space and is dedicated to bringing our customers practical solutions and frictionless payments.

Board of Directors

Brian Golson
Board Member
Brian Golson is a Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Parthenon Capital Partners and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Mr....
Henry Helgeson
Board Member
As CEO and Co-Founder of Cayan™, Henry Helgeson is responsible for driving the future vision of the company, ensuring that...
Jack Lavin
Board Member
As CEO of Oasis Financial, Jack Lavin is responsible for the Mission, Vision and Growth of the company. Jack has helped to...
Christine “Chris” Lee
CEO & Board Member
Chris brings an impressive and extensive career that spans nearly 35 years to BillingTree. She has worked in many facets...
Zach Sadek
Board Member
Zach Sadek is a Partner in the firm’s Boston Office. He joined Parthenon Capital Partners in 2004. He is active in sourcing...
Edgars “Edz” Sturans
Board Member
Edz (pronounced “edge”) Sturans joined BillingTree as CEO and President in September 2014, holding this position until...

Executive Leadership

Barton (Chip) Bright
CCO & General Counsel
Barton (Chip) Bright is a highly accomplished executive-level attorney with 20 years of experience serving the financial...
Terri Harwood
Chief Operations Officer
Terri Harwood, Chief Operating Officer at BillingTree has spent more than 25 years in the payments industry, including positions...
Melissa Kirk
Chief Information Officer
Melissa joined BillingTree in late 2012 and brings over 20 years’ experience in strategic direction, governance and leadership...
Chris McNulty
Chief Revenue Officer
Chris McNulty, Chief Revenue Officer for BillingTree, has more than 30 years of payment industry experience. As an industry...
Bryan Schreiber, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Bryan joined BillingTree in May 2017 as CFO, he has been in the Finance and Accounting fields for 25+ years. Prior to joining...