Webinar: Patient Receivables – Who Are The People In Your Care?

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Most Revenue Cycle Managers have experienced at least one character when managing patient receivables, with mixed results.  As a RCM, how can you improve the likelihood of getting paid while increasing patient satisfaction?  Join BillingTree on December 13th at 1:00 pm for a fun and educational webinar that profiles some of the most common characters healthcare providers deal with, plus tips on how to manage each.

A few of them include:
• Old Reliable – who always pays on time and never calls the office
• Forgetful Folk – who can’t seem to remember they have balances due
• Long Gone – who moved and didn’t know they had a balance
• Mr. Millennial– wants to do everything on their phone

Each character has their own quirks, but most of them still expect convenient self-pay solutions.  Whether you are currently chasing payments online or still doing it the old-fashioned way, this webinar has a lot to offer.