Webinar: Growing Payments with Technology: Frictionless Omni-channel Solutions for ARM and Healthcare

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In an age where consumer demand defines expectation, it’s more important than ever to remove resistance when accepting payments to optimize success. Furthermore, adding to the challenge - in ARM and Healthcare, payment opportunities frequently come in the person not present form (online, over the phone, in app or via agent assisted).

Is your organization fully equipped to accept payments at the time or in the manner from which your consumer/patient prefers? Do you offer all the means of payments expected – Credit, Debit, ACH/e-check, HSA/FSA or other alternative means? Are you fully compliant in your processes related to payments?

Join BillingTree and Ontario Systems at 2:00 p.m. ET on Dec 10th to learn how your company can grow payments using technology. At this webinar, BillingTree’s Director of Product Management Joseph Bonilla, joined by Dave Yohe Head of Marketing and Clint Mullins with Partner Relations, will address key topics including:

  • Electronic Payments and the Omni-channel defined
    • The differences between ACH, Debit, Credit, Check 21, e-check, HSA/FSA
    • How consumers want to pay including Web Portal, IVR, Mobile, Agent Assist
  • Compliance Challenges – and how to resolve
    • Reg E and recurring payments, NACHA Rules
    • PCI-DSS Requirements
  • Integrations and Emerging Technology – available now
    • How seamless integration removes friction and speeds acceptance
    • New tools coming to the marketplace to improve the payment experience

Agenda – this webinar will address:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • BillingTree Payment Services & Payrazr Solutions Overview
    • Audience Poll #1
  • Payments 101
  • The Omni-channel
    • Audience Poll #2
  • Payment Compliance
    • Audience Poll #3
  • What’s New and Exciting in Payment Technology
    • Audience Poll #4
  • Questions & Answers

Attendees will walk away with a cleared understanding of:

  1. How payments work and what is best for their organization
  2. What the Omni-channel is and how it's being driven by consumers
  3. How Ontario users will benefit from new technology now available