Webinar: Healthcare Patient Payments and Collections – How Third Party Partnerships Improve Medical Facilities Revenue Cycle Management and Resolution

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Collecting patient payments for medical services requires a unique skill, either as a provider or a third party.  It begins with an understanding of the circumstances a person or family could be dealing with before the first letter or call goes out requesting payment. This becomes even more challenging when communicating with the parents of a sick child following or during treatment.

BillingTree invites you to join Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Director of Revenue Management, Nolan Williams and CMRE Financial Services President, Sandy Lawrence and VP of Marketing Patrick Nixon for an informative one-hour webinar to discuss how a relationship between outsourced service providers and a medical facility continually result in successful patient payment and resolution.

Key areas to be addressed include:

  • The Revenue Cycle Management & Patient Payment processes at Phoenix Children’s
    • Self-pay, early out, to bad debt
    • How outsourcing was selected and performs
  • Third Party Recommendations for servicing medical payments
    • Dealing with emotion and successfully resolving the debt
    • Winning facility trust – compassion and integrity backed by compliance
  • Payment acceptance options for healthcare providers and their agents
    • Medical savings account payments and payment plans
    • PCI Compliance and its importance to the overall process

Who should attend:

  1. Medical providers including hospital facilities, practices and anyone billing patients directly for care or services
  2. Third party agencies already servicing or looking to expand into Healthcare Collections