Credit Unions Rise to the Occasion: How Your Business Can do the Same

While so many businesses have been focusing their energies on fighting change, many credit union CEOs are beginning to look to the future. By embracing new developments during this epidemic, these industry leaders are finding new ways to reach their customers safely and securely.

The key is developing a robust digital strategy. The fast, seamless nature of online shopping has made digital payments popular in many industries. A lot of older industries like healthcare, collections, and credit unions are moving toward this goal.

The Shift in Credit Union Payment Processing

The most successful and thriving credit unions in the United States are continually discussing and exploring new ideas, virtual kiosks, online portals, and SMS/text payments are just a few of the possibilities. They are open to handling the constant change the financial industry is going through. They seek new solutions to age-old problems and search for answers to more modern issues.

Many of these digital solutions seek to engage and attract new members while making the experience more straightforward for existing ones. Finding new ways to achieve both goals is paramount. It may sound complicated, but BillingTree has made it our mission to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

The Difference is Clear

Credit unions don’t need to focus on traditional offerings and services. There’s no reason why they can’t take a risk and adopt more modern technologies. Those organizations that have done so have seen impressive results, from increased activity to a growing member base, and it doesn’t stop there.

These innovative CUs continue to advance their foothold on the technology side of their business, leaving their competition even further behind. They offer check-imaging ATMs, dialogue/pod stations that its members can use, and even Apple Pay. The difference that they can achieve by adopting the latest payment processing software for credit unions is enormous.

Modern credit union payment solutions can revolutionize the operation of any organization.

Relieving The Strain 

While change for members is essential, making changes for staff can also make a huge difference. The most successful credit unions have realized their employees’ well-being has a vital role in the customer experience. They are investing in cutting-edge workspaces for their staff members. They are listening to what employees want and need. They are investing in advanced office technology to make the daily grind easier. Most importantly, they are inspiring employees to develop new initiatives. By introducing a culture of looking beyond, the whole credit union team begins to focus on tomorrow’s challenges.


For many credit unions, making changes can seem impossible, especially after getting used to the same system for decades. Starting small is the key. The best place to start is to adopt modern payment processing software for credit unions. Credit unions can improve their image by merely introducing the option for members to use credit or debit cards. Learn how you can get started today!