More Integrated Partners Than Any Other Payment Solutions Provider Servicing the ARM Industry

In what has now become a seriously competitive, digital landscape, a large majority of agencies today require simple-to-use, automated solutions in order to meet growing consumer demand for diverse payment options.

Yet, unfortunately, a vast majority of business software available has not allowed for the real-time acceptance and processing of payments directly through the typical user interface. As a result, manual data entry and payment reconciliation are necessary, placing an enormous time and productivity burden on the end user.

A More Integrated Approach to Payment Processing

As a business owner, are you aware of the latest on-demand solutions that can be implemented to enhance your existing software and more effectively fulfill your customer’s needs for efficient payment acceptance?

By providing simplicity, value and functionality through a seamless interface to software and telephony solutions, BillingTree’s Payrazr solutions and technology experts have developed a unique, integrated approach to payment processing.

With our cutting-edge Payrazr solutions, businesses don’t need to replace software, waste valuable hours of staff training or incorporate lengthy implementation time; we offer services to take care of all of the heavy lifting for you via solution integration. This gives you the advantage of being able to place your main focus on helping your business to survive and thrive.

The best part: Through BillingTree and Payrazr solutions integration, you are able to accept one time and recurring payments without leaving your native business applications. In addition, transactions that are accepted through peripheral-payment channels, including website payments, IVR transactions and check conversion, can also be automatically posted into the application.

Regardless of the issues you may encounter taking payments, as a leading payment solutions provider, we have the integrated solution that can help you solve them. By working with a payment solutions provider like BillingTree, your clients will be able to accept electronic check payments and card payments, greatly reducing payment-funding times. The transactions will automatically reconcile with your software, therefore minimizing manual payment posting.

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