How to Change the Way Your Customers Think About Payments

Payment Processing to Drive Your Customers Forward. 

The truth is that for most long-term payment cycle businesses like collections and healthcare; the payment process isn’t perceived in a positive light. With outdated technology, this process can become a long-term hassle for your consumers. However, there are ways your business can change the way people see payments.

In many ways, accepting credit and managing payments puts you in a position to advise and help those that might need guidance and lenience in certain instances. People want to maintain the best credit possible, and businesses want to get paid. With this understanding, you can learn how to help our customers better, build lasting relationships, and start the foundations of a strong brand for your company.

Why Do Customers View Payments for Certain Industries Differently?

The primary reason people object to payments has to do with value for the price. Does your customer or patient feel like they are getting what they pay for, essentially? For example, medical patient objections lie in the belief that all citizens have a right to healthcare. The idea has never been more prevalent than with the advent of COVID-19.

However, with our current system and how medical facilities operate, a free healthcare system does not work for the time being. Hospitals and doctors need to be paid for the equipment and time that were expended. But that doesn’t mean the payment is impossible for lower-income households, nor should it be made difficult.

This goes back to the philosophy that you should make the payment process easier for your customers. Having quality support to assist your customers, giving them multiple payment channels to pay anytime, and offering the ability to make affordable payments over time can all be utilized to give a healthy payment cycle to your customers that may not have the means to pay their entire bill in one go.

Solving the Payment Problem

We’ve mentioned two different ways businesses can use payment processing technology to help improve the payment experience.

Automated payment plans are a useful tool to facilitate payments. Working with a customer or patient heavily involves finding a payment plan, they can commit to comfortably for their financial situation. Having a payment portal that allows your customers to add or edit their plan online is the perfect tool for building a quality experience.

Omnichannel Payments give people the ability to pay anytime, anywhere, 24/7. As increasing numbers of businesses adopt omnichannel solutions, customers nationwide will begin to realize their payment responsibilities and the convenience of these payment channels. For example, you might have a customer that wants to make a payment after your staff has gone home. Having an IVR system in place will help you accept payments 24/7 and ease the burden on your staff at the same time.


When businesses struggle to receive customer healthcare payments on time, or even at all, it’s clear change is necessary. Changing your customer’s expectations by working with them to create a lasting relationship will help make your company stronger.

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