Accounts Receivable
Management (ARM)

As a leading provider to the ARM industry, we have relationships with top solution software providers and can ensure full PCI compliance. We’re also backed by multiple banks, enhancing our ability to extend merchant services to you, so you never miss out on a collection opportunity.

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Financial Institutions

Simplify payment management by giving your customers access to convenient loan payment channels, 24-7. Our compliant merchant services and billing solutions eliminate costly manual processing and automate loan payments with technologies that match your customers’ needs.

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Improve the patient’s experience and reduce costs by creating multiple channel options and touchpoints to facilitate electronic payment. From point-of-care co-pays to recurring payment plans, texting and even a concierge service that takes payments while your staff is out, you’ll get exactly what you need with BillingTree.

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Property Management

Use our electronic payment tools to cut out paper checks and drastically reduce the time it takes to collect association dues and other fees. With BillingTree, payments are automated and accelerated, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Commercial Payments

Stop hassling with paper checks and postage and start using electronic tools to expedite B2B payments. You’ll enjoy faster access to funds and more efficient use of FTE time, while eliminating BOC transactions and getting helpful features such as an historical archive of statements.

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