Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)

Increase your collection payments with omni-channel payment options that make it simple & easy for your consumers to pay so that you don’t leave any money on the table.

Over the past 20 years, BillingTree has become the industry leader for accounts receivable management (ARM) payment solutions because we truly understand what drives the world of collections.  Payments…and lots of them! And that’s exactly where we come in to immediately help your business increase payments through a secure, reliable omni-channel payment platform that gives your consumers every possible payment option under the sun.

But payments aren’t everything in the world of business, and that’s what separates BillingTree from the litany of other payment processors out there. Call us old fashioned, but here at BillingTree we still feel customer service & 24/7 support are important! And not just important, but VITAL to the ability for the collection process to operate efficiency and effectively.

BillingTree is your all-in-one provider for all types of payments & collections within the ARM industry:


Collection Agencies


Healthcare Collections


Consumer Finance Collections


Debt Buyers