Finding ARM Solutions for Your Business

Whatever type of business you are running, if payments are not received on time, things can go wrong. If cash stops flowing, your company has less money, and that can spell disaster for your entire supply chain. All business owners know that keeping payments arriving in the account at the right time is essential to stay afloat. Choosing the right ARM solution is key to that process.

Dealing with Accounts Receivable Management in An Effective Manner

No business owner can track everything manually on his or her own, and if payments get out of hand, things can go wrong. Having a system that automates the revenue cycle and that makes handling ARM much simpler is the ideal solution.

While getting payment terms written down at the beginning of any arrangement is essential, you do not want to have to spend your entire day calling debtors and trying to persuade them to pay their outstanding bills. After all, you have essential business matters to attend to and focus on. That’s where the right ARM solutions software can come into play.

The right ARM payment processing solution automates the processes that you have been handling manually for so many years, and facilitates convenient payment methods for customers so that they are considerably more likely to pay the amounts that they owe in a more timely manner. By putting in place a payment solution that has been proven to be reliable, companies can be confident that they are giving themselves the best chance of receiving the payments that they are due without having to expend excessive time and effort on handling their own accounts receivable management.

BillingTree’s Innovative Solutions

BillingTree has the ideal solution for companies that are looking for a better way to handle their ARM collections. Its scalable solutions can suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, and, because it has been proven to be successfully implemented thousands of times, companies can rest assured that they are choosing a solution that can perfectly meet their requirements and that can simplify the process of receiving payments.

Slashing Payment Times

Two of the greatest issues that face businesses when it comes to accounts receivable management are the time it takes to receive payments, and the cash flow issues that can result from delayed or missing payments. These issues can be virtually eliminated by putting in place a system that offers consumers a broad range of capture methods and payment options to suit their preferences and needs.

BillingTree offers a suite of comprehensive payment solutions to suit the needs of any type of business, with all channels of payment capture and the ability to accept a diverse range of payment options, including ACH and credit and debit card payments. This guarantees that consumers can access payment systems 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and eliminates the need to rely on the postal service or on outdated paper checks thanks to the online payment portals and Interactive Voice Response telephone systems, which can be tailored to suit the needs of any organization. Being able to access these systems via a mobile device, landline telephone or home PC ensures that making payments quickly and easily is facilitated effectively.

Offering real-time payment authorization, BillingTree’s solutions also make sure that businesses have faster access to the money in their accounts for a much more convenient solution,and greater peace of mind.

Compliance Assured

Compliance is yet another issue that raises concerns for businesses of all kinds and sizes. BillingTree’s payment processing solutions, however, have all been PCI-, HIPAA-, and SSAE-16-certified for greater security and safety. Adopting this innovative technology is an easy and user-friendly way to make sure that companies are meeting their obligations in this respect.

Money Saving Guaranteed

Manual processing of payments and paper checks can prove costly to businesses, especially when these transactions are made in large volumes. BillingTree can reduce the costs of payment processing thanks to its established bank network that ensures the lowest possible fees are charged for processing. This can help companies to reduce the outgoings relating to their revenue cycle and to help increase profits in the long run.

Because BillingTree has many years of experience in the industry, you can depend on its expertise to supply the perfect ARM solutions for your business, whatever its size. Thanks to its best-of-breed solutions, it offers the essential flexibility that is necessary to improve customer relationships while helping companies to speed up revenue and improve cash flow.

A quick and easy way to encourage timely payments for collections is by using online payment methods and portals can help.


Accounts Receivable Management

Finding Reliable Processing for Collection Agencies

For most people in the United States today, debt has become a standard fact of life. Consumer debt currently stands at around $11 trillion when common forms of lending, including car loans, student loans, credit cards, and mortgages are considered.

So, it is no wonder that more debt collection agencies are being opened than ever before to handle the collection of accounts receivable.

Superior Service,
Competitive Pricing

BillingTree offers a suite of services and payment solutions that help you collect electronic payments through credit, debit, checks and ACH processing. Our services ensure safe, secure, competitively priced payment acceptance supported by in-house, top-tier customer service.

  • PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, HIPAA compliant
  • Integrated with the top software solutions
  • Live, US-based customer support including fraud prevention and transaction monitoring
  • Charge-back reduction
  • Competitive pricing delivered by a comprehensive banking network
The website made us quickly realize that people would rather settle outstanding balances online than over the phone”
– Director of Collections
The BillingTree solution has enabled the adoption center to place more animals in homes this year, as people find the process so much easier than it was previously.
– Julie Scherer, Accountant