Healthcare Collections

Improve your payment acceptance rate by offering every payment option under the sun within one easy-to-use & convenient platform.

If you work within Healthcare collections, you understand the unique challenges faced within this particular sector of collections. That’s why we’ve created a secure, reliable omni-channel payment platform that addresses all of the problems currently facing many within healthcare accounts receivables. These systems ensure that you receive more of the money owed, on-time and all with minimal effort or FTE requirements. Allow our consultative approach and reliable technology to help you increase your healthcare collection payments.

Why BillingTree?

Because we’ve coupled our high standards of service & support with our secure and reliable payment processing system – that was designed to meet the specific challenges & needs of those working in healthcare collections – to become your all-in-one provider for all things payments! Through a combination of the latest advanced technology for payment processing, coupled with years of award-winning customer support, we’re able to provide you with the tools you need to collect even more payments.

How We Can Help

Today’s typical payment customer is always on the go and in constant need of products that tie directly into their daily lives. From 2-Way text payments to quick and easy web payment portals, the entire suite of Payrazr products were designed to immediately increase our customers’ payment acceptance by making the entire payment experience as seamless as possible.

Get Paid Faster with Payrazr Products

Payrazr products provide your business with a competitive advantage by offering your customers an omni-channel payment experience that has proven to increase overall payments.

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