A Solution for Collection of Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (AR) are key to the cash flow of any business. It is the money that the company is due to receive from customers for the services or goods it has provided. Collection of Accounts Receivable should be a simple process. However, it is often a lot more difficult than companies imagine.

Accounts receivable are a vital element in calculating the profitability of any business, providing a clear indicator of income. And, they are considered as assets since they are representative of money that is flowing into a company. However, tracking AR is vital. Otherwise, a host of problems can occur.

Forgetting to bill customers or losing track of payments that may or may not have been received can lead to cash flow issues that can cripple a business. The longer the invoicing process takes, the less chance there is of a payment being received on time, or, indeed, at all, and the implications of this should not be underestimated.

Many companies have found that eliciting payments from nonpaying customers can be extremely challenging and this leads to severe restriction of cash flow, an inability to pay suppliers, and an ongoing effect that can be long-lasting and catastrophic, both in financial terms and in terms of reputation in the industry.

Cutting Edge Technology

In order to eliminate any potential issues around the collection of accounts receivable, using a state of the art payment processing company is one of the best solutions.

BillingTree pairs the most advanced and innovative technology with impressive customer service to supply clients with an accounts receivable solution that will enable businesses to succeed even in today’s competitive marketplaces.

BillingTree is always striving for excellence in its standards, offering superior technology and outstanding customer support that is driven by extensive expertise in the field of payment processing. BillingTree’s cutting-edge solutions make it easier for companies to track their accounts receivable and to keep on top of collections for improved cash flow and timely revenue receipt.

Regulation and Compliance

Today’s stringent regulatory environment means that it is vital for companies of all kinds to comply with their obligations. BillingTree has catered for this need, meeting the requirements of customers with respect to regulatory compliance by creating a policy framework that has security, risk management, and governance in mind.

BillingTree’s standards and procedures draw on numerous areas, with accreditations and reports, including HIPAA, SSAE-16, and PCI, for the customer’s peace of mind and complete security.

The Benefits of BillingTree’s Collection of Accounts Receivable Service

BillingTree has numerous benefits to offer its customers, including:

  • A high level of proven performance – BillingTree’s solutions have been successfully implemented thousands of times.
  • Best of breed payment processing solutions for the collection of accounts receivable.
  • Real-time authorizations of payments for more rapid access to finances and greater peace of mind.
  • Flexibility in payment methods and options to create a smoother working relationship with customers and clients.
  • Comprehensive business payment solutions.
  • Great choice of payment capture channels.
  • Reliable and innovative technology.
  • Highly functional, high-performance solutions.
  • A dynamic code base that allows for adaptation for future enhancements, thus ensuring a future-proofed solution.
  • Full functionality and QA testing are carried out.
  • HIPAA, SSAE-16 and PCI Certification.
  • The in-house integration service team can deploy APIs into existing systems for a seamless solution.
  • Flexible capability with merchant services.

Collecting Overdue Accounts

Being capable of collecting any overdue payments speedily, easily, and, of course, within compliance regulations is essential in order to guarantee that revenue keeps flowing into the business. That’s why BillingTree’s ARM systemshave been developed to fully automate the processes and to facilitate simpler collections processes.

Manual processing not only wastes employee time but also puts a company at risk of human error, which can lead to issues surrounding payment disputes in the future. A high-quality payment processor ensures that collection of accounts receivable is smooth and streamlined.

BillingTree’s automated system offers simple online payment options that enable debtors to make payments of overdue amounts with minimum fuss or hassle. By offering an extensive selection of popular payment methods, including ACH and debit and credit card payments, BillingTree’s portal guarantees those who owe money can make payments at a time and place to fit around their schedule, thus making sure that higher numbers of collections are received at a lower price.

Competitive Pricing

Manual processing of checks can be costly and offers poor value to companies. BillingTree’s streamlined system is partnered with established banking network partners to lower the cost of processing, representing a more cost-effective way to receive payment from customers.

Choosing BillingTree’s payment processing services is an ideal solution for the collection of accounts receivable. By offering a convenient way via which payments can be made and tracked from start to finish, companies can see a noticeable increase in their revenue.

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