Commercial and B2B Payments

But how can we pay bills without paper checks, you ask?

Our commercial payment solutions allow you to pay ALL of your invoices securely & easily with a simple click of the mouse. Remove all of the cumbersome, time-consuming activities that have long been associated with paying B2B invoices, while also eliminating the high cost of wire transfers that many times has become an accepted cost of ‘doing business’. That antiquated style of AR thinking is finally over with innovative commercial payment options that were designed to do one thing…Make it Easy for YOU to Get Paid!!

BillingTree’s Payrazr B2B platform is your one-stop resource for fully compliant omni-channel merchant services and integrated payment solutions. Our proprietary Payrazr technology gives you instant access to payment portals, virtual terminals, gateways, IVRs, and mobile solutions that include fully interactive payment & notification functionality. Find out how our innovative payment platform can instantly streamline your AR processes, reduce FTE costs and increase overall cash flow. Because here at BillingTree we create payment products with a singular goal in mind…to get you paid quickly & easily!

BillingTree’s affordable B2B payment solutions deliver a unique blend of usability and performance that will revolutionize how you look at accounts receivable payments and invoicing in today’s digital age.

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Phone & IVR Payments

Text Payments

Credit & Debit

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